• 3 ways your outdated website is hurting your business

    In today's modern world the internet moves fast, and you can't afford to be left behind. Understanding that your website is your online storefront is key to making sure your website is up to date both visually and technologically. You may love the design that was developed a few years ago but what about your new and current customers? Let’s take a fresh look at three ways your outdated website is hurting your business.

    Loss of customers

    When your website is outdated it can also suggest to potential customers that your business is outdated. In 2019, where people live through their phones and can find anything they need anywhere, anytime, it’s important to stay up to date with current trends and be the business that everyone surfs the web for. It is a high priority that your website evolves and grows with your business. If your website content is not in line with your brand, then your business may be losing customers.

    Your competitors look like they know what they are on about

    Your competitors' websites are current, up to date and are excelling in a world where people are attracted by iconography first and the tone of your content second - ultimately, these customers are going to your competitors because they look good. Your competitors have great graphic design, amazing web content and brilliant app development. This then tells your customers the competitor knows what they are on about more than you.

    You are not at the top of your customers' search engine

    Not updating your content regularly results in your business dropping in search results, which leads to no new business. Making sure your website is optimised with regular content creation, web hosting and search engine optimisation is imperative to keeping your website up to date.

    Not sure where to start? Let Canberra Web help you bring your website up to date. Canberra Web are a team of experts that build and maintain websites, keeping it current, on trend and search engine optimised. Call us today for the best web design, SEO, web hosting, graphic design and content creation Canberra has to offer.

  • 4 Things to Remember When Moving your Web Content

    It's easy to think that you have mastered everything about migrating your web content to a new site. However, this might not be the case. Here are the top 4 tips that you should know when planning to move your content:

    Understand your existing site
    Do you really understand the structure of your existing site? Web design Canberra professionals will help you to analyse the sitemap and the files that build up the pages on your old site. This helps with planning how best your content should be transferred to the new site.

    Save everything
    It’s possible to feel competent about moving your web content. However, do you know that a small mistake can result in the loss of all your content?
    The real beauty of working with professionals when moving your content is that they have vast experience in the area. They will download everything and store it in a logical manner. Additionally, they are in a better position to arrange the content on your new site so that it ranks better.

    Conflicting formatting
    Copying and pasting content into your new site is not going to work. The formatting on your old site will conflict with that of your new site giving your site an unappealing look.
    Experts use great techniques that avoid inaccurate formatting. In fact, graphic design Canberra professionals will also help you to fully optimise your new site.

    Don’t opt for automatic options
    It is very tempting to choose the automatic web content migration options. But don’t. One reason that you may be abandoning your old site is that the structures are unsound.

    The automatic way to transfer your content may be fast but often it results in the poor naming of files, shoddy structures, and duplicate files. On the other hand, web design Canberra experts follow professional practices that aim at preventing such problems in future.
    Don’t just move your web content; consult experts that have experience in migrating content. Is your content optimised, interesting and engaging? Think about Canberra Web Design to perfect your web content to exactly how you want it.

  • 5 things to remove from your website to boost conversion rates

    As much as you can put everything on your website, with efficient web design Canberra businesses notice a huge difference in sales. Here are five things to remove from your website to boost conversion rates.

    1. Dates on your blog

    Most how-to articles are evergreen and will still be useful to your audiences in a month or year to come. Adding a date to a post can make it look old and outdated, even if it is still relevant. Consider removing the date and ensure that it does not appear in the URL either, and your blogs will remain timeless.

    2. Vague headlines

    Homepage headlines that fail to say what the business does are vague. Most websites place the ‘what we do’ information in smaller text below the headline. Remember, when visitors land in your website, they want to know if they are in the right place. Therefore, remove the headline about value or quality and explicitly state the main business category.

    3. Long paragraphs

    While some visitors read thoroughly, all visitors scan through websites. Short paragraphs make scanning easier and can keep your visitors in your website longer to boost conversion rates. Make sure that your content is between three to four lines long and incorporates formatting aspects like bold text and bullets.

    4. Greedy forms

    Avoid asking visitors for more information than they feel is necessary. For instance, asking 20 questions to subscribe to a newsletter can mean a lower conversion rate. You should ask for the minimum information needed to respond to the lead like basic contact information. Additional questions can be asked during the follow-up email or call.

    5. Social media icons in the header

    Social media traffic is great but can fail to help you meet your goals. Visitors need to first understand what your business is all about before they follow you on social media. Otherwise, they may get distracted by other videos and trending topics on social media. Consider removing the social media icons in the website’s header and place it in the footer instead.

    Canberra Web has a team of experts that builds and maintains quality websites. We not only make your website search engine optimised, but we also ensure that it meets your requirements. Call us today for the best SEO, web design, web hosting, content creation and graphic design Canberra has to offer.

  • Considerations for writing your website content

    4 ways content is the key to your website

    When it comes to getting your website built, there are many important elements to consider. There's the actual platform and design, the functionality and navigation, the host, the content management system, an online shop, a social media strategy - and more.

    But do you want to know what the most underrated but absolutely crucial element of that entire website design is? One word: content.

    That's right, so many Canberra Web clients come to us asking for slick, modern and above all simple website designs - and there's certainly nothing wrong than that. But we're consistently blown away by how clients will often want to sacrifice content to achieve a minimal but visually stunning site.

    But here's what we tell them about the incredible importance of content:

    1. Information

      Above all else, 'content' is just another way to say 'information' - and that's pretty much why your website visitor is trying to find you in the first place. Remember - they want your details and they want to know about your product or service, and the most direct way to transmit that information is through simple, easy-to-find, high quality and easy-to-understand content. Not just that, the all-important 'Call To Action' - where you actually ask your visitors to stop just reading and actually do something - is only possible within content.

    2. Search engines

      But before that visitor even gets to your site, they need to find it - and that's where the trusty search engine comes in. One of the best ways websites communicate with search engines is through content. So bear in mind that your content is being written not just for your customers eyes, but specifically for the search engine - so make sure it's on-point and accurately describing what your website is all about, so the search engine knows what to do with that information.

    3. Keywords

      To this end, your content should also bear in mind the sort of keywords that search engine users might be typing into their browsers. This is all part of your search engine optimisation strategy, and content plays a huge role. A page of content with targeted keywords is the clearest and easiest way for a search engine to match your website with its search results and the best possible potential visitor.

    4. Internal links

      You'll also notice that website content often includes internal links - a hyperlinked gateway to other pages within a site. This is an easy way for your users to navigate through the most important parts of your website, easily finding what they are looking for. Internal links are also liked by search engines, helping the ever more sophisticated technology to understand what your site is about and how it should be presented in listings.

    Finally, great content is quite simply one of the easiest ways to attract, entertain and keep visitors to your site, demonstrating its high quality and value. The team at Canberra Web knows all about how important content is as we do the web design Canberra clients have trusted for years, so get in touch today to find out more.

  • Detecting and dealing with zombie pages

    Detecting and dealing with zombie pages

    Once you have perfected your landing page, sorted your ideal website content and figured out your structure, there is just one thing you need to watch out for; zombie pages. Zombie pages, or dead pages, can be responsible for reduced traffic, can make your website appear cluttered and can affect your placement on search engine pages.

    Zombie pages can be deadly for your SEO but don't panic, there are a number of ways that you can save your site from these necrotic nuisances. These pages are referred to as zombie pages because they can infect the rest of your site if you're not careful. These pages tend to be laden with information that is of no interest to your customers and therefore is not being searched for. Miring your website with uninteresting information will drag you down search engine pages like a lead balloon.

    What does leaving these pages alone mean for your SEO? Well, search engines rank pages by relevance, performance metrics and traffic flow. If there is a page on your site that receives no traffic flow at all it won't matter if your other pages are buzzing like a gridlocked highway, they will be tainted by your dead page.

    Identify whether or not a page is infected by checking its unique page views, avg. time spent on the page, total visits and any other metrics that you like to focus on. If they are extremely low to non-existent you likely have a zombie page on your hands. Next, you must consider if the page is worth trying to save or if it simply needs to be buried. If you feel the public need the information on the page, consider restructuring your copy and using internal links to improve traffic. You could link to the page from a more popular page, letting your customers know that there is further information on a certain subject available. Drawing customers to your dead page may improve your SEO.

    Otherwise, simply remove the page and any trace of it from your website and move on. Perhaps relocate any information you deem completely necessary to another page but be careful, you may end up accidentally spreading the infection with pointless and uninteresting info.

    If you are at all unsure about digital marketing Canberra-based, have a chat to one of our specialists at Canberra Web and we will provide you with professional and practical solutions.

  • How to write a winning Google Ad copy

    If you're about to throw in the towel on your Google Ads, stop! Running Google Ads can be both rewarding and frustrating. In this post, we feature best practices in writing a winning Google Ad copy.

    We seem to have forgotten that it isn't a magic wand. You need to work at it and continue working on it. That's the beauty of digital marketing; it isn't final just because you've launched it. However, while it's good to know you can tweak it, it has led to a lack of discipline in writing a winning copy amongst others.

    1. Statistics

    Where relevant, incorporate statistics in your headline. For example, "How to write a winning copy: 3 words you must-have in any headline." People have a fascination with statistics. It makes a statement more scientific. This lends authority and credibility.

    2. Pain points

    Why do people Google? They are looking for answers to a problem or pain point they have. As such, when you lead a copy with a description of these pain points, there's a greater chance of capturing their attention. You can place them in your headlines, extensions or description. Wherever you place them, make sure it can be easily spotted.

    3. Emotional triggers connect better

    Emotions play a big part in the buying decision. Some people choose to see this as the irrational side of buying behaviour. But the reality is people are emotional creatures. When emotional words are embedded in your copy, you will be speaking to their hearts and minds, where the marketing battle is won or lost.

    4. Benefits sell, features tell

    This applies to off-line and on-line marketing. People are only interested in the outcome of your solution to their pain. Will it stimulate hair growth or kills weed permanently? Feature the benefits of your solution in the copy. In doing so, you've made it easier for your target audience to decide if you're the right solution.

    Google Ads is an important part of your digital marketing Canberra campaign. To succeed, there are best practices to emulate. Let us walk you through them. Schedule a meeting here.

  • How to write headlines like a pro copywriter

    You don't have to be a pro copywriter to produce attention-grabbing headlines. There are fundamental steps you can apply to pull your target audience towards your Google Ad copy with a headline that turns heads. It can be challenging given only 1 in 5 will make it past the headline. But with these steps, you'll stand the chance of breaking this statistic with your next Google Ad.

    1. Why should they read your copy?

    Your headline must address this question. In other words, spell out the benefit of your offer. Your target audience's antenna is focused on a solution to a problem. It's the reason they are Googling to begin with. By being as explicit as you can in highlighting the benefit of your solution, your chances of stopping them in their tracks multiply significantly.

    2. Shock and awe

    You've only got one shot with your headline. If it doesn't shock and awe, it's failed to do the job. Use power words, a common tactic of pro copywriters helps. These words play on the psychological and emotional sides of people. For example, "3 Little Known Morning Routines of Billionaire Entrepreneurs". Who doesn't want to be a billionaire? Who doesn't struggle with their mornings? Who doesn't want to start the day well? And there are just 3 three things they need to do.

    3. A headline is a gateway

    Why is it important to take note of this? You may have written a brilliant headline. People are drawn to it and wish to learn more. Unfortunately, the rest of the copy doesn't match the promise embedded in the headline. You risk turning people off or confusing them. Like a good novel, there must be a seamless flow from one chapter to the next.

    4. Proofread your headline

    The first impression counts. "Tree little known morning routines of billionaires" isn't likely to be perceived with any credibility. The reader knows it should read "3" but isn't likely to take it seriously with a glaring spelling error. Proofread your headline.

    To learn how we produce head-turning headlines, connect with us here.


  • Website Content Writer in Canberra

    If you’re setting up or revamping a website, remember this above all else: content is everything. A site that looks good can be ruined by poor copy, whereas a plainer site can be redeemed if the content is good. The written content informs the most fundamental and important function of any website: it connects you – and your products, services, or message – to your clients.

    Good website copy should fulfil three major criteria. It should, of course, communicate your message clearly and convincingly to its readers. Information is useless if it’s being communicated poorly or in a manner that’s too verbose. Clean, properly-pitched writing will convey this simply and well, getting your point across before the short attention span of the average online reader has time to set in.

    Copy should be well-written – meaning engaging and original – as well as grammatically and syntactically sound. The copy convinces your clients to read on and to be interested in your product, service, or message. A decent copywriter will be sensitive to tone and adept at pitching this directly towards your target audience. They should have a flawless command of the English language. Many site owners overlook the importance of grammar but studies have shown a direct correlation between misspellings and bad grammar or syntax, and the perception of unprofessionalism. In other words, not knowing when to use ‘their’ and ‘there’ can mean the difference between convincing a client to part with their money or scaring them off. Your web content is not only important because it gives your clients the most lasting impression of who you are and what you represent: it’s crucial because it converts casual readers into interested parties.

     And, of course, online copy should also be search-engined optimised (SEO). A good content creator will ideally be capable of researching your topic and highlighting high-traffic search engine items in order to use as keywords, that are then seeded throughout the text. Here, the originality of the content is vital too: text that has been lifted from other sites will automatically be penalised by search engines, causing your rankings to lower. SEO content that is original and clean ensures good, organic growth that will push your site towards the top on the major search engines.

    That’s why it’s so vital, when it comes to web content creation, to hire a professional. The qualified copywriters at CanberraWeb have over ten years’ experience in the industry, dealing with clients from all walks of life. Flexible, perfectionist, and efficient, these content creators know how to increase traffic to your website and help you present your business in the best possible light. Content is everything. Call CanberraWeb today and find out how they can help your website grow.

  • What types of content can improve your website?

    Everyone is on the web these days, and companies are looking for the kind of web design Canberra and the rest of the world would be proud of. One of the key components to success in this area is content creation. A website is no good without exciting and engaging content.

    The trick is figuring out which types of content will work best for you and your business. Today, we give you a little help in that department by discussing a couple of content types that tend to produce great results.

    1. Get friendly with GIFs.

    GIF or Graphics Interchange Format, is a very handy blend of picture and video that is great for sharing content if used correctly. There are millions of them floating around online and they are that synthesis that it is better than a still image but not large and data intensive as a video. Whether you're using it to tell a particular story, explain how something works, or just show off the personality of your business, a GIF can be a great thing!

    2. Infographics are interesting.

    Our second type of content is also very visually appealing though a bit larger in scale. Infographics are an excellent way to present a fair amount of information in an easy-to-understand layout that is also quite enjoyable to look at. Most graphics of this type utilise multiple colours, fonts, and other elements that can sometimes make you wonder how somebody ever thought up something that cool. The fact is that infographics tend to get triple the likes and shares that other content receives. That alone makes them a worthwhile investment in terms of both time and money.

    These two examples are but a small portion of what content creation has to offer, and you'll find many great options out there for each of these content types. Some might want to take on the daunting task of putting together an infographic on their own, or they might want to try their hand at generating some custom GIFs. However, it can be far less stressful and effective to let the professionals handle it. You'll find that the time you save is well worth the money you'll spend.

  • Why your WordPress website content needs to be fresh

    Just how often do you update your website content? Is it once a month? Once a year? Once in… a blue moon? Whatever your frequency, there’s a reason why websites need not only good design but great content. Aside from increasing your client conversion rate, delighting your audience with your witty words and entertaining your email subscribers with relevant news and blog posts – ensuring you continually update your website content lets Google know that your website is well and truly alive and kicking.

    Adding and updating quality, engaging content to your website on a frequent basis means that you utilise more keywords, attract more search engine crawlers, increase your online authority and presence and provide your readers something of value. Google considers many factors when it comes to website ranking, but the freshness of a website is absolutely one of them. While updating your website content does not necessarily skyrocket you to the top of Google's results – it is definitely a practice you should get in the habit of doing if you want your website to be as effective as it can be. Here’s the top benefits of keeping your website content fresh:

    1) Fresh content equals higher rankings

    Frequently updating your website with new web pages, articles and downloads makes the search engines stop and take notice of your website. Based on the quality of your content, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings when the search engines crawl your site more frequently.

    2) More quality content equals better, high ranking keywords

    Publishing fresh content allows the opportunity to publish newer, high ranking keywords that will help your site rank higher in Google. Optimising your articles with the most relevant keywords also drives your traffic and attracts more visitors to your site when they search for services using the selected keyword. Use meta-tags, titles and descriptions, and include your keywords to optimise your content, but don’t forget to write the article naturally and not stuff keywords if you want to rank favourably.

    3) Increase your authority

    The more valuable and authoritative content you can publish on your website, the more valuable and recognised your business becomes in the eyes of the beholder. When people search for your services, you have a better chance to be viewed as a reliable and trusted expert in your specific niche. When you constantly produce quality content, your customers will become loyal followers – which is ultimately what a business should always strive to achieve.

    Three great reasons to keep your content fresh!

    You can have a website with a great design, but without great content it can become an epic fail. By combining design with quality content, you provide your website with the best possible chance of rising through the ranks and becoming noticed by potential customers.

    Don’t get lost in the crowd. For more information on what fresh content can do for your WordPress design Canberra, give the expert team at Canberra Web a contact today.

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