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Effectively online trading, e-commerce is the most advanced method of conducting business in todays ever-expanding market. Approximately 94% of Australians have internet access with 79% browsing on a daily basis. With an estimated $37.1 billion in projected sales for 2013, Australian e-commerce is becoming an increasingly exciting platform. The hard truth is that if you fail to integrate e-commerce into your marketing strategy, you will lose out to your competitors in an ever-growing online shopping market!

improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue!

Websites integrating online shopping capabilities have an advantage over those that don't. By incorporating a Payment Gateway application into your website you can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue. Trust is a must, therefore Canberra Web uses secure Payment Gateway applications for secure credit/debit card transactions. Our payment solutions include the following:

  • All Major Australian banks
  • PayPal
  • PayMate
  • SecurePay
  • Merchant Warrior
  • SCNet
  • IP Payments
  • e-Path
  • eMatters

Canberra Web employs a dedicated team of website developers with more than a decade of experience in e-commerce sites. By working with you to improve and optimise your website, we can ensure that you get a stronger e-commerce presence that boosts your business through online marketing giving you the edge over your competitors. Canberra Web is your 24/7 online shopping solution.

If there is particular Payment Gateway you would like to use for your Website then please don't hesitate to inform us during our face to face meeting.

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