YouTube marketing

Leverage the power of YouTube to market your business online

youtubeDid you know that YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds in the United States than prime time television? Cisco also revealed that 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 will be video. Based on these statistics alone, video is an integral channel for communication with online consumers, both now and in the future. Currently ranking as the second most used search engine, YouTube has over a billion users, which is close to a third of all internet users. When you consider this in terms of global marketing reach, your opportunities are endless!

Importance of video marketing

Why is video such an effective form of marketing? Because it packages information in a format that consumers can digest easily. Video conveys information much faster than words and images alone, so you can attract and hold your audience's attention long enough to sell them the features and benefits of your products and services.

Video marketing increases revenue

An Adelie Studios 2016 study found that businesses using video as part of their marketing strategy grew company revenue 49% faster per year than organisations without video. So incorporating video in your online business marketing is essential to increase revenue, as well as build brand awareness and generate sales leads.

How to define your video marketing goals and strategy

Before you decide to integrate video in your digital marketing campaign you initially need to define your goals - what you want to achieve from your video marketing investment. There are many different goals you can set, such as increase sales conversions, grow your subscribers for future email marketing campaigns or funnel traffic to your company website; it's up to you what goals you determine to be relevant to your business marketing vision. The next step in the process is developing a video marketing strategy and campaign based on the goals you've set.

To capture the attention of your target market, your video campaign needs to be entertaining and interesting, or you will lose your audience very quickly. By investing in the services of a video marketing company, you can have video content created that will engage your audience, so that you can reach your digital marketing goals. Video marketing specialists can also set up your campaign and target the audience demographics you are wanting to reach, as well as assess analytics to tailor your campaign for a higher rate of success.

Social media marketing

Using social media to market your business

social imageSocial media has grown to become the top marketing tool for many companies. Being able to access such a vast audience of consumers, without a large marketing budget, makes it an efficient and cost-effective marketing form. Our social media marketing specialists at CanberraWeb can implement paid and organic social media marketing campaigns, which offer dramatic results in consumer engagement, brand awareness and conversions in a short period of time. For the best results it's important to have a social media strategy and goals established, which form the foundation of your social media marketing campaign.

Why it's important to hire social media marketing professionals

To use social media marketing effectively to grow your online business, it's vital to target both current customers and new customers. By developing a campaign that communicates your brand and business, while entertaining and engaging your target audience, you will build trust, which over time results in conversions. If your social media isn't handled professionally, it can damage your brand, resulting in loss of business.

What is involved in social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves engaging and sharing information with friends, family and the public through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It enables businesses to reach and communicate with a global audience of consumers.

Why is social media marketing so important?

As social media has such a massive following both nationally and globally, marketing through these platforms is often integral to a company's success.

Some of the many reasons investing in social media marketing is essential:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate new sales and leads
  • Grow a loyal community following
  • Consumer engagement
  • Increase search engine visibility
  • Funnel traffic to your website

Social media consulting and campaign strategy

At CanberraWeb we will develop a targeted social media strategy based on your marketing goals.

Our social media specialists in Canberra will help you with:

  • Social media marketing messages to communicate with your audience
  • Correctly delivering the message to grow and engage your client base
  • Identifying the right social media platforms to promote your business
  • Getting you maximum exposure with the right audience

Social media management and analytics

After developing your strategy, we will implement your campaign and assess analytics to measure its success, for optimal return on your investment.

Arrange a social media marketing consultation with CanberraWeb to promote your business, increase conversions and engage your customers today!

PPC/AdWords management

CanberraWeb provides PPC/AdWords management services throughout Canberra

adwords imgPPC - what is it?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including powerful platforms like Google AdWords, is a highly effective formula for internet-specific advertising. In PPC, online advertisers pay internet publishers like Google when ads displayed in search listings or websites are actually clicked by a potential customer.

Crucially, advertisers don't pay at all until someone actually clicks through to a website.

Why is PPC better?

While SEO (search engine optimisation) is important, it can be a slow process. In competitive industries, ranking high in search rankings is an arduous and inexact task and that's why PPC is a popular and effective advertising method.

If done right, PPC can deliver targeted traffic to your website, but it needs skills, knowledge and technical know-how to get it right. Even experienced marketing experts cannot rival PPC analysts like CanberraWeb who know how to get the most out of this powerful yet complex formula and have a proven record for delivering results.

Why you need PPC

In short, you need PPC because you need every edge over your competitors - and they are using PPC. You can prove this for yourself by typing a keyword into your browser and seeing if your rivals are at the top. If they are, you need to be there as well. And if they're not - you still need to be there.

Why you need PPC management

Drafting PPC ads is even more complex than it seems, because it's not just about choosing the right keywords and making the right bids. Successful PPC ads are specifically structured and written to target the right internet traffic for you, in terms of who they are, where they are, and when they are online.

How Google AdWords works

Google AdWords is the leading PPC platform, with a 67% market share and more impressions and clicks than any rival.

Your Google AdWords ad can appear:

  • At the top and bottom of Google search listings
  • On specific websites and blogs
  • In targeted users' web activities after they have visited your site

How CanberraWeb can manage your PPC campaigns

CanberraWeb are experts in improving your search engine quality score and your landing pages, and targeting your PPC campaign for success. Our premium services include:

  • A dedicated account manager being assigned to begin to understand your business, customers and ideal PPC campaign, who then keeps learning about your business to make your campaigns ever more successful
  • Analysing a range of factors including the market and trends to decide ideal keywords
  • Handling the crucial, complex and confusing task of bidding on targeted keywords
  • Maximising results within your budget by designing your campaign around the right priorities
  • Crafting the perfect, effective ad title and description with our highly experienced team of writers
  • Constantly reviewing your PPC campaign, including monitoring progress and clicks through, therefore maximising conversions, sales and leads

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business.

Less spam more effective email marketing

Choose CanberraWeb for expert email marketing campaigns in Canberra

Email marketing - what is it?

The vast world of marketing is fast-moving and innovative, involving an ever-evolving and huge spectrum of areas including TV and radio, SEO, social media, video, mobile analytics and dozens of others. But among them all, email marketing remains a strong and reliable performer, consistently delivering a top return on investment and a broad and powerful reach.

Put simply, email marketing is getting your message to an audience of potential or existing clients by email. And while now among the oldest of the 'new' forms of marketing, it remains the highest of proven performers even today.

Email marketing - why you need it

Email marketing is effective because it is highly targeted and direct - you compile the list of recipients and can be confident they will receive the message you want to get to them. It is also invaluable for repeat clients, keeping them up to date and fostering loyalty.

Email marketing - the benefits

  • It's inexpensive, easy and effective: email marketing is still the ideal way to reach a lot of potential customers for little more than initial setup fees, particularly when compared to the cost of traditional mail, radio and TV campaigns.
  • It's fast and efficient: because your recipients signed up, you know your message is likely to be received well, and you know that once you press 'Go', up to many thousands of existing and potential clients have your message straight away.
  • It's assessable: the results of expert email marketing can be tracked, and it's easy to customise, personalise and integrate with your other marketing formats.

What CanberraWeb can deliver for you

The CanberraWeb team are experts in designing superior email marketing campaigns for both large organisations and small businesses in all industries that deliver proven results.

CanberraWeb's services include:

  • Assigning a dedicated campaign manager who will work to understand your business, tailor your strategy, train your staff and oversee a successful campaign.
  • Perfecting your marketing content, either by assigning the task to our skilled writers or relying on our experience to help improve your existing material.
  • Developing a unique, industry-specific and effective visual template and layout for your brand.
  • Expertly managing your crucial email contact list, ensuring not only that you are creating the right message, but that it is being received by the right people in an efficient way.
  • Tracking and reporting the results of your campaign, collecting data about who sees your emails, how they read it and what actions they take as a result, and analysing and assessing how the campaign can be modified or improved as a result.