Removing bad reviews on google

Trying to remove a bad review of Google?

Unfortunately, not every review is true and some are defamatory! After speaking to Google, they suggested the best thing to do is to reply to reviews and, as they are community based, they don't really matter!

We found this information disturbing and somewhat insulting as we value real feedback so we can continually improve our services and processes. We love to see our success stories broadcasted, as most clients are too busy running their own business to stop and write something nice about yours!

We have received a 1 star review from Gino Martiniello, a business partner of our competitor Chris Powell from Evolver aka Digimonstr. Gino was kind enough to review Chris’s business at the same time of slandering ours.

Gino Martiniello has never been a client of Canberra Web and we have never met, but we have met Chris Powell who came in to offer his experience with Google Maps. We shared Chris Powell's information with a client who paid Chris Powell $350 and received nothing for his money, Chris Powell simply didn't answer his calls, do any work or respond to his emails. We compensated the client for his loss and learnt a valuable lesson!

With little to no online searching experience, an amateur will quickly connect Gino Martiniello and Chris together. They share the same address and amusingly used our printing partner Fast Digital to print their business cards for Digimonstr, another enterprise they are affiliated with.

So our answer to removing bad reviews on Google is to name and shame the individuals because your clients are intelligent; they will investigate you and your competitors comprehensively to make an informed decision on who to spend their hard earned money with.

Setting up your e-commerce business

What To Think About When Setting Up An E-Commerce Business

ecommerce-thinkWith the rapid growth of e-commerce and with online shopping at an all-time high, now’s a great time to begin an online business. Here are some tips to get you on the right lines to successfully trading online.

First steps

The first thing you’ll need to do is to draft a business plan. This will help to ensure that you don’t omit anything important in your preparations. An important part of your project plan will include practical items such as the offices you're going to operate from, what you're going to sell and who you're going to target.

Setting up an online presence

Once you’ve sorted out the basics, you can turn your attention to your online presence. Select and register a domain name for your business and create a website. Although you can do this yourself using one of the many packages out there on the web, it’s often better to use a web developer, such as us here at Canberra Web, who will design you a bespoke site that’s specific to your business.

Before you launch your business, you must ensure that you’re PCI compliant. If you are going to be handling or storing client’s debit or credit card details, this is the security standard set by Visa and MasterCard. If your business is non-compliant, you could be fined or even have your processing facilities suspended.

Fraud is a major issue for online traders. Be aware of the security risks to which you could be vulnerable and choose a risk management platform that reduces these risks. It’s vitally important for customer confidence that you are able to process payments quickly and securely.


You need to get your name out there somehow. Ensure your website is optimised with relevant keywords, so you show up in Google. Register business social media accounts on the platforms your customers are most likely to frequent and ensure you make it a priority to engage with them from day one.

In conclusion

It’s true that there are potential pitfalls you’ll need to overcome en-route to achieving your online business dream, but making sure that your web presence is in place early on is vital if you are to succeed.

For more information on setting up a website for your new e-commerce business, contact Canberra Web.

Insight on DIY Web Builders

4 Reasons DIY Web Builders Aren't Worth The Effort

4reasonwhydiyDIY web builders appear to offer a complete package, but, once you look beyond the surface, there are a whole host of problems with them which mean they just aren't worth the time and effort you need to put in to get the most out of them.

Here are four issues with DIY web builders:

  1. Dedicated apps beat mobile sites 

    It's true that DIY web builders like Wix can offer the tools needed for you to optimise your site for mobile viewers. However, once you've got past the clunky and time-consuming editing of every single page of your site to make sure they all respond perfectly on mobiles and tablets, you might still find that this isn’t enough.

    Apps are at the heart of digital marketing for many companies, and they offer a host of benefits a simple mobile site can’t: push and in-app notifications sent direct to the user, more personalisation and user customisation, user engagement data, the ability to use the device’s features, and adding to brand identity and presence. What’s more, research shows that people prefer using apps to mobile sites, so without an app, you're missing out.

  2. Nice design can't hide bad content

    Having a site that looks pretty is just the first hurdle to get over — DIY website builders don’t help you when it comes to content. The appearance of the site is, of course, important, particularly for a user's first impressions. But to get people to click through to your site in the first place, you need good rankings on search engines. A DIY web builder's template might look nice, but it's not going to give you the optimised content you need to get onto page one every time.

    Unless you already have a team of talented copywriters at your disposal, you’re going to need to craft well-written, original copy that is engaging and grammatically correct. If you’re a business person, not a writer, this is likely be a painful and time-consuming endeavour.

  3. Having complete control is complicated

    Only a few of the DIY web builders out there allow you to design your site from scratch, and, of these, only a handful are even worth considering. Wix is possibly the best well known of the design-from-scratch builders, and it does give you a fair amount of control over the look of your site. However, this comes at a price — the user interface is often littered with buttons and boxes. This, in particular, can be very confusing for web design novices.

    There is little sense to some of Wix's customisation features — you have to head to two different menus to customise the same feature, for example. Also, there are no global style options — if you change the font for one heading, you have to go through changing all the other headings individually for a cohesive look, which is needlessly time-consuming.

  4. Monolingual in a multilingual world

    In Canberra alone, over 30 languages other than English are spoken by people at home, and that’s without considering the international reach that your site might have. Our world is no longer just digital, it is truly global, and that's why it’s incredibly important to have multilingual functionality on your website.

    Multilingual capability is something DIY web builders just can’t offer to any kind of standard. Weebly is one of the few that offers this capability, but only through a partner app which is messy and confusing. Voog is decent, but the other aspects of the site let it down. There is no one DIY web builder which offers all-round quality, including multilingualism, meaning you'll have to compromise somewhere if you go down this DIY route.

At Canberra Web, we can offer smart solutions to the problems of DIY builders - for example, we're dedicated to offering you a superior SEO service and provide fully integrated app development Canberra. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

Mijo Shop VS Miwo Shop

The Diffrence Between MijoShop and MiwoShop

Our team are experts in designing and developing Joomla Mijo and WordPress Miwo websites. We can also maintain your existing Mijo or Miwo websites, as well as customise or add new extensions for different functionalities and features. Here are some of the many reasons why Mijo and Miwo websites are a popular choice for our clients.

Miwo Shop

A powerful and efficient shopping cart plugin, Miwo Shop offers a range of different and very functional features and extensions, along with being user-friendly for beginners through to the more advanced. With over 35 plus language alternatives available and more than 30 payment gateways, it is suitable for all types of online businesses.

What makes it such a viable alternative as a shopping cart for WordPress websites is that it's a turn-key e-commerce platform that's ready to go as soon as it's installed. Miwo Shop also has a very intuitive administration interface, enabling you to have ultimate control when managing your online store. The interface even gives you access to a range of different sales reports, that will help you understand your online business in-depth so you can increase your sales margins.

Mijo Shop

Recognised as the leading e-commerce application for shopping carts on Joomla websites, Mijo Shop is versatile and has a variety of features offering different functionalities. With so many extensions available, you can have your Mijo Shop website updated to provide your customers with a better user experience as your business develops. This includes adding other payment gateways or up to 35 language options if you are expanding globally. Whether you have an existing Joomla website and want Mijo Shop integrated or you would like a new Joomla site with the shopping cart application installed, this can be done quickly and seamlessly. This e-commerce platform is all-inclusive and can be used as soon as it's been installed on your site. The interface is very easy-to-use, making it suitable for beginners through to the more tech savvy users. It also has numerous sales reports that you can access which are invaluable for growing and understanding your online business.

With an experienced Canberra Mijo Developer and Canberra Miwo Developer in our team, we can build a WordPress or Joomla website that will get results! Contact our friendly and professional team today to discover more about our websites, as well as the many additional features and extensions offering different functionality available.

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