Three reasons you need to invest in web design

Three reasons you need to invest in web designInvesting in web design makes simple business sense - if you’ve got something to sell, then it’s imperative that you have a website to promote your services and products online.

Designing a website that stands out from the crowd is difficult when there’s a saturated market of free bland and drab themes out there that every business seems to be using.

Here’s three reasons why you need great web design.

#1: Visually Attractive Websites Achieve in More Sales

Your clients are just like you. They research their purchase before they buy. If you find a website that is unattractive does it make you want to click through to find out more; or click that away and return to the search results?

Using a professional for your web design will ensure that the first impression you have is memorable and likely to result in sales.

#2: Mobile-friendly is the Googling Way of the Future

What back-end changes are needed to make a website mobile-friendly?

Can you fix that buggy menu that appears on a device?

Are your e-store product thumbnails spaced appropriately for Google?

Your experienced web designer can answer these questions and ensure that your site is responsive and meets Google’s requirements for efficient and effective mobile browsing.

Investing in web design means that you consider your user’s experience so that they can navigate your site to find what they need, quickly and easily.

#3: Second Page Results are Meaningless

For your website to be returned in Google searches it needs to meet quite a few criteria. Your site map, your imagery, the words you use, and how your website has been built all come into consideration.

Using an experienced web designer means that your site will be optimized for search engines and returned more often, allowing your clients to see it more frequently and spend more time browsing. All this traffic results in more sales.

Why wait? Invest in Web Design Today

Our professional team support you in your web design Canberra wide and work with you to develop a website that suits your brand and meets your digital marketing goals.

Three easy-to-fix mistakes that are dragging down your website

Three easy-to-fix mistakes that are dragging down your websiteHitting publish on your website doesn’t mean you will make sales instantly. Creating a website with beautiful design features doesn’t mean you will have people flocking to your site. And colours that rock and images that are on point don’t make you millions instantly.

The reality is this: mistakes will happen on your website, mistakes you are 100% in control of, and these will be hurting your website's performance, whether you know it or not.

The good news? These are all mistakes that can be fixed. From years of analysis and experience, we know which common errors most website owners make, and how easy they are to amend.

Where is the SEO?

When we look into the finer aspects of a website that is struggling with traffic or making sales, what we will normally see is a lack of SEO. There are many SEO components that might be missing or incorporated incorrectly; this could be anything from a failure to add in the relevant SEO plugin, unspecified permalinks that contain numbers instead of keywords, misuse or lack of heading tags across every page, or a keyword strategy that hasn't been implemented into the copy of every page.

Thankfully, the fix is easy. Invest time and money into your SEO strategy and ensure it's implemented correctly. SEO is the building blocks of being found by your customers and you are selling yourself short by missing crucial fundamentals. If it is the only thing you spend your time and energy on, it is worth it.

Are you using a reliable builder?

We have tested, used and designed with many different website design builders, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Woo Commerce, and even WIX. We know from this experience what is going to work for business, and what isn’t. Simple drag and drop builders like WIX may seem easy to use, especially if you don’t have website design skills, but there is a reason for their simplicity. Builders like this don’t offer the complexity of SEO, design or functionality, and rarely create an impact online compared to their rivals, like WordPress.

Investing in a new website created on the right platform will ensure your ideal audience will find you. Set yourself up right from the beginning and your business will thank you for it.

Are you analysing your progress?

People often assume they aren’t making sales because their website is ‘failing’. It is a big assumption to make without actually knowing the true performance of the website. There are many factors at play, and it might not necessarily be your website letting you down. So, how do you know how well your site is performing?

It is easy to start analysing your traffic. Simply implement Google Analytics, or any analytics, into your site. Once you have some data, understand the traffic you are getting. Where are you getting the most amount of visitors from? What pages do they go to most? Once you have a picture of your traffic, and what gaps there are in your marketing, start centring your marketing around improving the weaker areas, and capitalise on what is working for you.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Or has your website been underperforming and you are unsure why? Shoot us an email at Canberra Web, we would love to help you!

Building your first website? Here's what you need to know

Building your first website? Here's what you need to knowWant to build a killer new website to launch your online presence with a bang? Here are some tips for first-time web builders to make your website the ultimate marketing tool.

Tip 1: Set your goals

Setting yourself some smart and measurable goals is an important first step. Before your new website is up and running you will need to identify key targets. A good way to start this is by asking yourself some important questions. Is your aim to increase sales? Or maybe you are just trying to increase awareness of your business or personal brand? Take a good long think about what you would like to be your ultimate end result.

Tip 2: Suss out your competition

Checking out your competitors in the field can never hurt. Before you start commencing the build of your site, take to Google and write out a few things your competitors do well, for example, how the website should look or feel or the way they set out their menu navigation on their website. As you begin to build a pile of notes, you will start to notice reoccurring patterns which you can use as a launching pad to formulate ideas for your own creation and stand out from your rivals!

Tip 3: Be prepared

Sitting down and contemplating how big or small you want your site to become can never hurt, and this all stops with content. Development of content is the biggest factor that can slow down a website development process. Want a workable site with minimum turnaround? Then be prepared! Regardless of whether you are selling products or marketing services - have photos and descriptions ready at hand. Ensure that have as many translatable ideas ready for the designers before the build, as you could potentially save weeks of your time!

Show a little faith!

Lastly, and most importantly, have faith in who in your web designer! Ensure the relationship between you is fluid and collaborative. It is important to remember that web designers are experts in their field, and in trusting them to do their job, they’re more likely to exceed your expectations and build the site of your dreams! For more information about web design Canberra businesses can count on, contact CanberraWeb.

How to promote a new website on social media

How to promote a new website on social mediaWhilst a beautiful and intuitive website represents a great asset for any business, it will be worthless unless web users are able to find it. Newly created websites are very unlikely to show up in search results thanks to the sheer number of established sites they are competing against. In this way, it is imperative that businesses start promoting new sites as soon as they are built.

Social media is a great way to promote a new site thanks to its widespread use and low cost. If you’re new to the world of social media promotion, here are a few tips to help your website attract the attention it deserves:

1. Establish a social media presence

If your business is new to social media, you will need to start building an online presence before promoting your new site. Firstly, consider which platforms will work for the company. B2B companies, for example, may not work particularly well on Instagram, whilst B2C operations may not suit LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook, however, are pretty essential for all businesses.

Once you have created your profiles, you should fill out relevant information about your company and start building a network of followers. You can do this by inviting friends, employees and regular customers to like your page, as well as posting engaging and relevant links to attract prospective customers.

2. Make the most of hashtags

Keeping track of trending hashtags is a great way to attract new customers to your brand. If your website features a recent blog post about a trending topic, for example, try posting a tweet featuring the relevant hashtag and a link to the post. If the topic is popular enough, thousands of people could potentially engage with your post and be tempted to visit your website.

3. Post teasers

Before your site has even gone live, it may be worth posting teasers across social media. Indeed, posting relevant and engaging branded imagery on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help generate a buzz around your new website.

4. Invest in a social media ad

Investing in a social media ad is a great way to reach target demographics quickly and easily. What’s more, it does not have to be expensive as you can set budget restrictions for each advert.

If you're interested in website design or digital marketing in Canberra, get in touch with us today.

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