How to apply Google Ads best practices

Can you run a successful Google Ad on a shoestring budget? Yes, you can! But it might require a lot more work at the start. Here, we share 5 best practices you can follow to set yourself up for Google Ad success.

Small businesses tend to dismiss Google Ads because of the preconceived notion it requires a huge budget. This is a fallacy.

The 5 best practices you can follow for Google Ad success.

Over time, they'll contribute towards the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. Apply them consistently and diligently today!

1. Keywords

Why do people Google? They're looking for a solution to a problem. Knowing the problem helps you build the list of keywords to be used for your Google Ads. It's very likely your target audience will type in the words used to describe their problem, for example, "best copywriters" or "content writers".

2. Call-to-Action

They're sold! They've read, understood and accepted your pitch expressed in your ad copy. But they've paused. You wonder why. It's strange but true and it has happened - there isn't call-to-action in the copy. It's like a store without a checkout counter. Make your call-to-action visible, loud and clear.

3. Leverage on Google Ads' versatility and dynamism

It isn't over till it's over. Unlike a television commercial or print ad, launching the ad doesn't mean the job is done. You can continue to fine-tune it, daily if need be, to improve its effectiveness. With Google Ads, you can constantly be in ad research test mode. You can change anything based on the results produced by Google Analytics. From targeting, copy to budget, you can tweak them until they're showing the desired results. This brings us to the final practice.

4. Track and measure

What gets measured, gets done! This applies to your Google Ads too. There is an incredible amount of data you can utilise to improve your Google Ads. All it takes is for you to know where to find, how to read and interpret them. Rest assured with Google Ads, you won't be flying blind or solo.

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