Landing Page

A Landing Page is a single web page that appears when you open the link to a search engine optimised (SEO'd) search result. Also known as a 'Lander' or 'Lead Capture Page', they are a focused and customised sales pitch that are designed for the user to take action. 

If you have a landing page associated with your website then you can typically increase conversion rates by 25%. So basically, landing pages convert online users into customer leads which in turn increase visits to your website. Being heavily loaded with keywords that are associated with your products and services, landing pages can greatly improve search rankings guaranteeing you the exposure you need.

Why do i need a landing page?

It is difficult to keep people from getting distracted even if you have an amazing website. Landing pages are loaded with keyword summarised information from your website and often only have one link which navigates them to it! This allows the potential consumer to become familiar with your products and services without being scared off or distracted by too much 'stuff' on the page. If there is less to look at, less to click on then users are more likely to go down the conversion path! Successful conversions result in the purchase of your products and services as well as membership registration, newsletter subscription, software downloads and more.

One page Website Solution to Increasing Your Revenue!

Our team at Canberra Web have a number of solutions for optimising landing pages that include but are not limited to: captivating graphic design, loaded product and service targeted keywords for search engine optimisation and key optimised features for point of direction to your website. Through acting as a bank link to your main website, a landing page will enable a strong call to action which ensures that your main website gains authority. It can be extremely valuable to include social media sharing buttons on your landing page to entice visitors to share with friends and family. More eyes equals more conversions!

$1000 landing page, a cheap solution with a high return!