How to plan your Google AdWords budget effectively

A common complaint of small businesses is the high cost of running a Google AdWords campaign. But it doesn't have to be. With careful planning and monitoring, you can achieve the desired results within budget. In this post, we share some tips to run an on-budget Google AdWords campaign.

1. Research and planning

Stop! Before you jump into writing your headline, copy, CTA and choosing the best image, ask this question: "What is the Number 1 goal of the campaign?" Sounds easy enough to be done although some may struggle to express it. But it is important to start with your goal pinned down. It'll force you to do the appropriate research and plan for the campaign. From target audience, message to the offer, they play a part in meeting your budget.

2. Establish your key metrics

What gets measured, gets done! It's a costly mistake to treat your Google AdWords like a crock-pot. Someone has to be constantly looking over it to ensure it is on track. To do this effectively, you will need to set up the key metrics based on the goal you've listed above. These metrics will help you fine-tune the ads. Hence, should you need to tweak the budget, it will be done with a clear purpose in mind.

3. How much does it cost to convert?

It's important to know this. Without it, you'll be groping in the dark, even if you're generating leads. It could either be too costly or otherwise. Either way, you'll be in a good position, knowing the conversion cost, to manage your Google AdWords budget effectively.

4. Work on your copy

Your Google AdWords is a sales pitch. Hence, it has to be smooth, clear and convincing. If you're doing it yourself, make time to edit until it reads right. Alternatively, you can engage a professional copywriter, which may be more time and cost-effective. Unless prospects find your copy engaging, they'll scroll away.

Google AdWords works! But you've got to work at it. We've shared 4 key tips. There're others to consider. To learn more, book your consultation session.

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