If you’re setting up or revamping a website, remember this above all else: content is everything. A site that looks good can be ruined by poor copy, whereas a plainer site can be redeemed if the content is good. The written content informs the most fundamental and important function of any website: it connects you – and your products, services, or message – to your clients.

Good website copy should fulfil three major criteria. It should, of course, communicate your message clearly and convincingly to its readers. Information is useless if it’s being communicated poorly or in a manner that’s too verbose. Clean, properly-pitched writing will convey this simply and well, getting your point across before the short attention span of the average online reader has time to set in.

Copy should be well-written – meaning engaging and original – as well as grammatically and syntactically sound. The copy convinces your clients to read on and to be interested in your product, service, or message. A decent copywriter will be sensitive to tone and adept at pitching this directly towards your target audience. They should have a flawless command of the English language. Many site owners overlook the importance of grammar but studies have shown a direct correlation between misspellings and bad grammar or syntax, and the perception of unprofessionalism. In other words, not knowing when to use ‘their’ and ‘there’ can mean the difference between convincing a client to part with their money or scaring them off. Your web content is not only important because it gives your clients the most lasting impression of who you are and what you represent: it’s crucial because it converts casual readers into interested parties.

 And, of course, online copy should also be search-engined optimised (SEO). A good content creator will ideally be capable of researching your topic and highlighting high-traffic search engine items in order to use as keywords, that are then seeded throughout the text. Here, the originality of the content is vital too: text that has been lifted from other sites will automatically be penalised by search engines, causing your rankings to lower. SEO content that is original and clean ensures good, organic growth that will push your site towards the top on the major search engines.

That’s why it’s so vital, when it comes to web content creation, to hire a professional. The qualified copywriters at CanberraWeb have over ten years’ experience in the industry, dealing with clients from all walks of life. Flexible, perfectionist, and efficient, these content creators know how to increase traffic to your website and help you present your business in the best possible light. Content is everything. Call CanberraWeb today and find out how they can help your website grow.

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