Understanding the costs of internet advertising

 Understanding the costs of internet advertising

The costs of internet marketing are extensive; they may range from absolutely nothing to millions of dollars, depending on the strategy used. It is, therefore, import to have a digital marketing agency Canberra-based, to advise on appropriate marketing strategies.

Methods of internet advertising for your business

The best way to advertise your business online is to create content and submit it to search engines. The content should be relevant and interesting to increase its popularity. This is a very cheap method of advertising, but it is quite slow. You can also choose to sell your products through a form of direct email; opt-in email ads. The most popular method of online marketing these days, however, is through Google AdWords. The system of Google AdWords is auction-based, where advertisers pay per click.

How the costs of advertising are determined

While there are many ways to sell your content online, there are also just as many revenue models. The revenue model for your business is determined by the amount you are willing to invest in the advertisement. There are three commonly used revenue models used in digital marketing Canberra-wide. They are:

Cost Per Click (CPC) - The advertising company pays for only the number of people who click the ad

Cost Per Mile (CPM) - The advertiser pays for the number of people who have been served by the ad.

Cost Per Action (CPA) - The advertising company only pays for the number of people who make a transaction.


As earlier mentioned, the cost of online advertising largely depends on your budget. CPC may range from a few cents to $5 per click, depending on the popularity of the words used. The position of the ad depends on the money invested. For instance, if the budget is $500, and each keyword is $5, the ad will be displayed until there are 100 clicks. CPM can vary from $10 to $100 per impression, depending on the traffic on the website.

In conclusion, the cost of advertising largely depends on your budget. Set your budget, consult with the right digital marketing agency and get your business out there.

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