• 4 ways to stop click fraud consuming your digital marketing budget

    Your digital marketing budget is precious. The last thing you want is to be investing your hard-earned profits into remaining competitive in the online landscape, only to have the costs of your digital marketing being driven up by click fraud. Luckily there are four simple ways you can combat click fraud.

    1. Know what click fraud is

    You must know your enemy in order to defeat them, and click fraud can be a flighty enemy to pin down. Click fraud inflates the number of clicks on your pay per click ads, so you’re paying for clicks which will never convert to sales. These fraudulent clicks may be made by your competitors trying to sabotage your campaign and inflate your budget. The ad publishers may also click on ads displayed on their sites to increase the revenue they earn from the ad.

    2. Monitor your conversions

    Click fraud also runs the risk of you abandoning campaigns or keywords which you think aren’t converting. If a previously highly converting keyword becomes subject to click fraud you may be tempted to abandon that keyword. It’s getting the clicks but the people who click just don’t seem to be the right customers who would buy from you. However, if you’re able to dig a little deeper into your digital marketing you can avoid losing a profitable keyword and return that campaign to the black.

    3. Report click fraud

    Search engines are aware of click fraud. They have their own systems to monitor and detect click fraud and, in some cases, can stop the fraudulent click before it debits your bank account. However, if you do find fraudulent clicks which a search engine has missed, take the time to report them. Reporting click fraud helps protect other digital marketing campaigns and can ensure you receive a refund for the fraudulent clicks.

    4. Work with a specialised digital marketing agency

    Working with a dedicated digital marketing agency Canberra based, like Canberra Web, can make spotting and stopping click fraud on your account even easier. CanberraWeb will work to identify the IP addresses which generate the fraudulent clicks, and setup IP exclusions to stop click fraud on your account.

    There are also proactive options you can take when working with Canberra Web, such as running GDN remarketing campaigns to target only those people who have already clicked. This eliminates click fraud from publishers as they’ll never see your ad.

  • 6 reasons to start using PPC advertising today

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing strategy that is great for driving traffic and boosting conversion rates, particularly if you don’t have much time to try your hand at search engine optimisation (SEO). Many business leaders are unsure of the benefits of PPC, however, and are reluctant to try it out. Here are a few reasons why you should start using PPC advertising today:

    1. The results are instant

    As soon as your PPC advertisements go live, you will start to see an improvement in the amount of traffic your website experiences. Of course, this does not mean your business will be an overnight success as it may take a few weeks or months before the ads start working. It is, however, a great way to get your marketing strategy off the ground.

    2. It is highly measurable

    With PPC advertising, you can see how much money you have made out of every $1 you have spent, making it easy to calculate metrics such as return on investment (ROI). With this sort of information easily available, you can turn off keywords, ads, or campaigns that are ineffective and boost campaigns that attract customers.

    3. PPC offer a good return on investment

    PPC advertising tends to have a higher ROI than other marketing channels. As explained in the previous point, this is because it offers granular metrics that help you to fine-tune your strategy.

    4. You only have to pay for results

    PPC ad providers do not charge any deposits or upfront costs like other kinds of marketing channels. Indeed, you only have to pay when visitors click on to your website. This is known as a cost-per-click (CPC) model.

    5. You can set a budget

    If you’re running on a tight budget, PPC organisations offer the option to set a cap on how much money can be spent on a monthly basis. This ensures that business leaders are in full control of their spending and can alter the budget in line with performance results.

    6. PPC can be precisely targeted

    PPC is a highly targeted form of advertising as it works to target only those that are looking for relevant services or products. Indeed, it also allows you to apply geo-targeting options that target towns, cities, postcodes or countries.

    If you would like assistance from the best digital marketing agency Canberra has to offer, get in touch with Canberra Web today. We will be more than happy to help you get started with PPC.

  • Understanding the costs of internet advertising

    The costs of internet marketing are extensive; they may range from absolutely nothing to millions of dollars, depending on the strategy used. It is, therefore, import to have a digital marketing agency Canberra-based, to advise on appropriate marketing strategies.

    Methods of internet advertising for your business

    The best way to advertise your business online is to create content and submit it to search engines. The content should be relevant and interesting to increase its popularity. This is a very cheap method of advertising, but it is quite slow. You can also choose to sell your products through a form of direct email; opt-in email ads. The most popular method of online marketing these days, however, is through Google AdWords. The system of Google AdWords is auction-based, where advertisers pay per click.

    How the costs of advertising are determined

    While there are many ways to sell your content online, there are also just as many revenue models. The revenue model for your business is determined by the amount you are willing to invest in the advertisement. There are three commonly used revenue models used in digital marketing Canberra-wide. They are:

    Cost Per Click (CPC) - The advertising company pays for only the number of people who click the ad

    Cost Per Mile (CPM) - The advertiser pays for the number of people who have been served by the ad.

    Cost Per Action (CPA) - The advertising company only pays for the number of people who make a transaction.


    As earlier mentioned, the cost of online advertising largely depends on your budget. CPC may range from a few cents to $5 per click, depending on the popularity of the words used. The position of the ad depends on the money invested. For instance, if the budget is $500, and each keyword is $5, the ad will be displayed until there are 100 clicks. CPM can vary from $10 to $100 per impression, depending on the traffic on the website.

    In conclusion, the cost of advertising largely depends on your budget. Set your budget, consult with the right digital marketing agency and get your business out there.

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