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  • 2019 digital marketing trends to ensure that online sale

    As 2018 draws to a close, the digital marketing world is seeing a shift in the techniques that are used to promote and secure sales on an online store. New trends and strategies are being released and all are evolving towards an entirely internet-connected era.

    Companies are needing to incorporate these digital marketing trends to keep up with competition and to ensure that customers are clicking the purchase button on their online store. In 2019, the digital marketing world will largely be focused on strategies that incorporate personalisation and prioritise user experience.

    The top three digital marketing trends that companies can expect to see dominate in 2019 are listed below:

    1. Chatbots

    Already a popular type of digital marketing which focuses on user experience in 2018, chatbots will see a rise in popularity. Chatbots are used to answer any consumer question on the spot, helping boost consumer confidence and lessening the need for the company to provide human resources.

    This artificial intelligence technology is set to become a common addition to any website, particularly e-commerce platforms and online stores to heighten the chance of consumers purchasing the product, instead of leaving a cart due to unanswered questions or confusion.

    2. Personalisation

    In order to stand out among a sea of competitors, companies need to personalise their digital marketing techniques to gain the rapport and respect of their audience. Shopping is a uniquely personal experience and consumers in 2019 will expect to feel the same when checking out of an online store, as they would if they were in a physical store.

    Personalization techniques will be utilised on online stores via personalised emails, social media engagement and online stores such as Joomla or WordPress ‘remembering’ a customers latest or favourite purchase and displaying it when they are on the platform.

    3. Video marketing

    Video viewing is becoming increasingly popular for the 2019 digital-savvy era. Consumers are watching and sharing more videos than ever before, and 52% are more confident in purchasing products online if there is an accompanying product video.

    Videos on online stores in 2019 will become more popular and range from educational product ‘how-to’ content to sharp, snappy advertisements.

    There are several experts in digital marketing Canberra residents know that they can rely on to boost online sales. One of the most renowned companies is Canberra Web, who utilise platforms such as Joomla and WordPress to design online stores that can be digitally marketed in the best way possible.

  • 4 ways to stop click fraud consuming your digital marketing budget

    Your digital marketing budget is precious. The last thing you want is to be investing your hard-earned profits into remaining competitive in the online landscape, only to have the costs of your digital marketing being driven up by click fraud. Luckily there are four simple ways you can combat click fraud.

    1. Know what click fraud is

    You must know your enemy in order to defeat them, and click fraud can be a flighty enemy to pin down. Click fraud inflates the number of clicks on your pay per click ads, so you’re paying for clicks which will never convert to sales. These fraudulent clicks may be made by your competitors trying to sabotage your campaign and inflate your budget. The ad publishers may also click on ads displayed on their sites to increase the revenue they earn from the ad.

    2. Monitor your conversions

    Click fraud also runs the risk of you abandoning campaigns or keywords which you think aren’t converting. If a previously highly converting keyword becomes subject to click fraud you may be tempted to abandon that keyword. It’s getting the clicks but the people who click just don’t seem to be the right customers who would buy from you. However, if you’re able to dig a little deeper into your digital marketing you can avoid losing a profitable keyword and return that campaign to the black.

    3. Report click fraud

    Search engines are aware of click fraud. They have their own systems to monitor and detect click fraud and, in some cases, can stop the fraudulent click before it debits your bank account. However, if you do find fraudulent clicks which a search engine has missed, take the time to report them. Reporting click fraud helps protect other digital marketing campaigns and can ensure you receive a refund for the fraudulent clicks.

    4. Work with a specialised digital marketing agency

    Working with a dedicated digital marketing agency Canberra based, like Canberra Web, can make spotting and stopping click fraud on your account even easier. CanberraWeb will work to identify the IP addresses which generate the fraudulent clicks, and setup IP exclusions to stop click fraud on your account.

    There are also proactive options you can take when working with Canberra Web, such as running GDN remarketing campaigns to target only those people who have already clicked. This eliminates click fraud from publishers as they’ll never see your ad.

  • 5 common types of digital marketing

    Digital marketing can be defined as advertising that you do through channels which are also digital, such as mobile apps, email, social media, websites and search engines. This definition is however restrictive since digital marketing covers a massive range of marketing activities and there is no universal consensus on what it involves.

    Here we consider 5 of the most common forms of digital marketing.

    1. Mobile marketing

    Mobile devices have become a crucial aspect of our lives. Marketers have found ways to communicate their marketing messages through these rather personal devices. Our mobile devices are usually all around us and are continuously checked. Marketers can use in-app marketing, MMS and SMS to communicate marketing messages on these devices.

    2. Email marketing

    Email marketing has existed for around two decades and has proven to be a somewhat active channel. It is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to reach customers with marketing information. Most people are attached to their emails, and this is why they are useful. But not any email will do. Marketers have to find a way to engage their audience with informative, entertaining, engaging and relevant content.

    3. Marketing on social media

    Many social media users use these channels to educate themselves, discover and research brands, among other more personal activities. Few marketing tools can display a brand's personality like its social media profiles. Anyone will pay attention to a brand with a million followers on their Instagram as opposed to one with less than a thousand. To succeed in social media marketing, you must weave it into all of your marketing efforts and create shareable posts.

    4. Content marketing

    Content still is king. Great content is the fuel that drives all your marketing efforts. Content that generates interest must be informative and inspiring. Creating such content is never easy, but well worth it. Your audience must see you as a relevant source of information for them to want to engage with you.

    5. Search engine optimisation

    This drives visitors to your website after you have optimised for search engines. SEO comprises some ideal practices for great digital marketing. An easy to use and a well-constructed website is necessary for good SEO. Content must also be valuable and engaging, and other sites must link to you by mentioning you on their social media posts and such for SEO to be effective.

    There are also other popular methods of digital marketing such as paid advertising. If you are looking for digital marketing Canberra businesses can trust, consider Canberra Web. We can handle your SEO, content creation, graphic design, web hosting, and much more. Contact us today to learn more.

  • 5 hot SEO trends from CanberraWeb

    Don't get left behind by SEO trends

    You may not think the worlds of SEO and fashion are very similar, but they do have one major feature that is almost identical: trends.

    Just as what comes down the catwalk is the latest and greatest in fashion innovation, so too is it crucial that your search engine optimisation strategy is designed for today. That's because the digital world is racing ahead at a rate of knots, and not riding that wave will simply leave you lagging behind on those all-important listings.

    So here are the latest SEO trends that you can't afford to miss:

    1. Social - It's no surprise that social media is number 1 on this list, but you may not realise just how important the major search engines like Google now consider it to be. In fact, the lines between 'web' and 'social media' are now almost completely blurred, as the search engines use links to social networks as a crucial sign to a relevant and credible business.
    2. Video - That's right, the big mover of 2019 was video. Short and ultra-shareable moving images are now a powerful marketing tool and therefore a major SEO strategy, because they are superior by a factor of many multiples when it comes to Google rankings and click-throughs.
    3. Mobile - Another obvious one, because more and more people are browsing with their hand-held devices. The search engines know this as well, so websites that are mobile optimised are rewarded.
    4. Voice - Yet another big mover is voice searching - because searching by text is just so passé. People online are quickly learning that their voice is an easy and effective way to search for what they're looking for, so when you're making that content, you need to make sure it's voice-search optimised.
    5. Aggregation - Your customers in 2019 are always looking for that short-cut, and one way to do that is with content aggregators. As a result, aggregators are high on search engine results pages - so you need to be there too.
    6. Apps- Your website is still important, but do you have an app as well? People online are now spending at least 50% of their time on apps, and this number is growing.


    For more ideas about SEO trends and how they can be best used for your business, contact the specialists in digital marketing, Canberra Web, today.

  • 6 reasons to start using PPC advertising today

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing strategy that is great for driving traffic and boosting conversion rates, particularly if you don’t have much time to try your hand at search engine optimisation (SEO). Many business leaders are unsure of the benefits of PPC, however, and are reluctant to try it out. Here are a few reasons why you should start using PPC advertising today:

    1. The results are instant

    As soon as your PPC advertisements go live, you will start to see an improvement in the amount of traffic your website experiences. Of course, this does not mean your business will be an overnight success as it may take a few weeks or months before the ads start working. It is, however, a great way to get your marketing strategy off the ground.

    2. It is highly measurable

    With PPC advertising, you can see how much money you have made out of every $1 you have spent, making it easy to calculate metrics such as return on investment (ROI). With this sort of information easily available, you can turn off keywords, ads, or campaigns that are ineffective and boost campaigns that attract customers.

    3. PPC offer a good return on investment

    PPC advertising tends to have a higher ROI than other marketing channels. As explained in the previous point, this is because it offers granular metrics that help you to fine-tune your strategy.

    4. You only have to pay for results

    PPC ad providers do not charge any deposits or upfront costs like other kinds of marketing channels. Indeed, you only have to pay when visitors click on to your website. This is known as a cost-per-click (CPC) model.

    5. You can set a budget

    If you’re running on a tight budget, PPC organisations offer the option to set a cap on how much money can be spent on a monthly basis. This ensures that business leaders are in full control of their spending and can alter the budget in line with performance results.

    6. PPC can be precisely targeted

    PPC is a highly targeted form of advertising as it works to target only those that are looking for relevant services or products. Indeed, it also allows you to apply geo-targeting options that target towns, cities, postcodes or countries.

    If you would like assistance from the best digital marketing agency Canberra has to offer, get in touch with Canberra Web today. We will be more than happy to help you get started with PPC.

  • Consider these points before outsourcing your digital marketing work

    Outsourcing is an excellent way of getting extra workload off your shoulders and having it done by a team of professionals outside your payroll. Unlike tasks like tax preparation and human resource management, marketing is more sophisticated. For that reason, you ought to be extra careful when deciding who to work with. Here are things to look out for before outsourcing your digital marketing job.

    1. Reasonable pricing

    Do not outsource online marketing if your firm is on an extremely tight budget because it's a recipe for disappointment. Similarly, an exorbitant price is not directly proportional to the expected level of quality. Therefore, find a service provider that is affordable and offers quality services at the same time.

    2. Set clear contract terms

    You could be determined to get the work started as soon as possible, but never disregard the formalities. Taking care of legal tools like a contract is essential in making sure that the task is done within expected standards. This helps to ease tension and confusion since each group will know what is required of them.

    3. Cuts the labour cost

    Remember what drove you to outsource was the need to cut on hiring and training costs. The initial point was to also hire a team of experts to get the job done efficiently. Do your math and make sure that outsourcing will save you money in labour expenses.

    4. Helps you grow

    Growth and expansion have no limits whether you are starting out or are already established in the industry. Outsourcing marketing to online professionals should help you reach out to more potential customers. Choose a company that prioritises on assisting your business to grow.

    5. Offers work samples

    A reliable partner should be ready to give you a variety of samples of work they have done in the past. It might be of good quality, but may not suit the style you are looking for and this could frustrate the partnership.

    If you have an existing website that needs promotion, you need to take advantage of a digital marketing opportunity. Canberra Web uses its vast experience to offer you personalised digital marketing in Canberra. Call us today and we will help your business grow at affordable rates.

  • Digital marketing in Canberra

    We're Canberra's digital marketing specialists

    Struggling to be found online? Want to build brand awareness and increase conversions with the products or services you sell? Digital marketing is the answer!

    At CanberraWeb, we are the digital marketing specialists and have the expertise to make your business stand out from your competitors in a crowded online market.

    Be found by the right audience

    Our consultants will meet with you face-to-face to assess your digital marketing needs, based on your budget and goals, then develop a digital marketing strategy and campaign to help you reach your target audience.

    Turn traffic into revenue

    While you might have the latest and greatest products available, which should make your company sought after in your industry, unless the right online traffic is directed to your sales platform, your revenue won't increase. Which is where we come in. We use search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search engine marketing campaigns to boost your online ranking so your target market will find you, converting traffic into dollars!

    How we market your business online:

    • SEO

      By incorporating specialised SEO techniques in your website, social media and other platforms, we will help your company be found by Google and other search engines for the products or services you sell.

    • Google AdWords campaign management

      Otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google will place your ad where your target market can see it, and you only pay when your ad gets selected. We will set up your Google AdWords campaign and tailor your advertising spend based on results. You also have control over when you start and end your campaign, so you're not locked in permanently.

    • Social media management and campaigns

      Social media is a fantastic way to reach and connect with a vast online audience. We can manage all of your social media platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, as well as create paid campaigns that will effectively reach your target market.

    • Email marketing campaigns

      Email marketing campaigns are an essential marketing tool to target your client database with sales offers, news or information. We can set up and create email marketing campaigns to help you increase revenue or engage your clients more effectively.

    Let our team of digital marketing specialists in Canberra help you increase your online business today! We will customise our services to more efficiently meet your digital marketing needs. Call our professional team to arrange a consultation and start reaping the financial rewards!

  • Does your website make a strong first impression?

    A website is often the public's first interaction with your business. It cannot succeed simply through an engaging design or thoughtful content. Your website needs to have a style that feeds into your customer's user experience while being easy to understand at a first glance. Just with a client or customer meeting you in person, or walking into your office, first appearances and experiences are important.

    Value proposition

    Make sure your mission statement clearly states the purpose of your website and calls out to prospective customers what you do, and why they need you. Ensure this is on your homepage, in your blogs and on your ‘about’ page.

    Website navigation

    The way in which visitors get around your website is vital in that it helps the user find what they need to know, but also helps your search engine rankings. Navigation should be intuitive and human, utilising words prospective clients are searching for directly, meaning fewer clicks to get to the content, which again helps search engines identify your relevance in the search.

    Tip: avoid using jargon or lingo. Often businesses try to be clever instead of being intuitive for their visitors. Customers won’t know what “Our Buzz” means. Is that your blog? Say “Blog”, keep it simple and common.

    A clear call to action

    One of the most important things when engaging with clients or prospective customers is the call to action. Once you’ve got visitors, and you’ve got their attention, you then need to tell them what you want them to do. You might consider click buttons like “get a quote” or “go to check out”. The click button should always be the description of an action or next step.

    It can also be helpful to add colour to your call to action, a colour with accents and contrasts with the primary scheme of your website.

    Mobile friendly

    This is a must-have for web design as most people view websites on their phone more frequently than their computer. Additionally, on April 21st, Google updated their search rankings algorithm to ensure web pages that are mobile optimised will now rank higher in mobile search results compared with non-mobile friendly sites.

    For more information in improving your digital marketing Canberra wide, get in touch.

  • Five tips for driving traffic to your website through your blog

    If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you need a great blog. A blog plays a crucial role in SEO, extends your reach across the Internet and builds trust in your brand. It should be a central element in all digital marketing in Canberra. Here are five ways to leverage your blog to drive more traffic to your website.

    1. Headlines that no one can refuse

    Before posting a blog, think long and hard about the headline. If it's compelling, interesting or curiosity-arousing, people are bound to click on it. Consider asking a question, making a controversial statement, including a surprising statistic or offering to solve a common problem (just make sure it's related to your business).

    2. Put time into writing long, informative blog posts

    Many bloggers are tempted to write brief posts. After all, they're quick and easy to publish. But the problem is, it's the same for everyone. Every day, thousands and thousands of brief posts are published all over the Internet. To stand out from the competition, make your posts long, informative and in-depth. The more useful they are, the more likely it is that readers will share them, thereby driving traffic to your website.

    3. Incorporate blog posts in your digital marketing strategy

    Rather than posting blogs whenever you feel like it, create a schedule. It's important to post according to a regular schedule – be it daily or weekly. Work out, realistically, how much time you can devote to your blog. At the same time, your blog should be a crucial element in your wider digital marketing Canberra strategy. If you're plugging a particular product or service over a specific period, your posts should support your campaign.

    4. Invite guests to post

    When guests write posts for your blog, they share them on their social media pages, instantly putting your blog (and business) in front of a wider audience. Try to find guests who have a demonstrated track record of trustworthiness and a strong, loyal and, most importantly, engaged social media following.

    By putting these expert tips into action, you'll soon see extra traffic visiting your blog, taking your digital marking in Canberra strategy to the next level.

  • How to conduct a marketing audit for growth

    Marketing agility is the trademark of successful brands. However, this is not at the expense of the brand's true north, that is, its vision and mission. Instead, like the captain of a ship, it shifts the different levers, for example, its Google AdWords campaign, to meet the prevailing circumstances. But how does it know when to move the levers accordingly? In this post, we highlight the steps to conduct a marketing audit of your digital marketing strategy to ensure it stays on course.

    1. Draw up a checklist

    It is imperative a checklist is drawn up at the start. This will ensure the right things are assessed for their effectiveness. In addition, as a rule of thumb, you should set the period of measurement to be at least in the last 6 months. Anything earlier than that may be too premature.

    2. State the marketing goals

    It is good to re-state the marketing goals. In the busy-ness of trying to grow the business, it is possible to have lost sight of them, especially when the cash register is ringing or averting one mishap after another. With the goals clearly in view, you can begin to measure what and how marketing has performed.

    3. Collate the data needed

    Sales volume isn't the only measurement of interest in a marketing audit. There are others of greater importance for the stated period, for example, marketing's ability to lower the cost of customer acquisition or shorten the sales cycle. For every marketing machinery that was mobilised to achieve your goals, you'll need to develop a method to measure their performance.

    4. Check the results against your goals

    Here, it is important to be pragmatic. You may have set the bar either too high or low. Therefore, we strongly recommend you take into consideration industry norms and competitors' performance. Some amount of inferences may be required for the latter.

    Running a Google AdWords campaign is costly. However, with the help of a marketing audit, you can optimise your marketing machinery to enhance its cost-effectiveness. To learn how we do it for clients, connect with us today.

  • How to effectively reboot your digital marketing

    As new technologies are embraced and customers become more digitally savvy, the need for strategies that attract and retain those customers is essential. Here are six ways to reboot your marketing to meet those demands.

    1. Strategies need regular updating

    Even if you already have a digital marketing strategy, it needs regular brainstorming with insights on the latest trends. In today’s lightning-speed world, strategies need to constantly evolve to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. The same rule applies if you don’t have a strategy and are just getting started.

    2. Integrate your digital strategy with your overall marketing plan

    It’s not uncommon for a newly developed digital strategy to exist in its own space, disconnected from a company’s general marketing. Your digital plan should not just be included in the overall strategy but should be its centrepiece.

    3. Get to know your customers

    There are many tools, such as Google Keywords Planner, that can identify the behaviour and profile of visitors to your website. This data can be used to grow your customer base by understanding and targeting their needs.

    4. Stronger communication = Broader reach

    Creative development of your social, search, blog and email marketing channels will engage your existing customers, as well as attract the attention of new prospects. An experienced web designer can focus on this, optimising the SEO and achieving higher rankings on Google searches.

    5. Leading the way

    It’s vital to keep adding momentum. One of the ways to do this is to test different marketing ideas and then adopt the ones that work best. Launching new onsite tools that enhance your visitor’s experience, such as customer loyalty or Live Chat software, is another approach. It enables you to lead rather than just follow what your competitors are doing.

    6. The power of analytics

    Make the time for an in-depth analysis of every facet of your online activity. When you install a tool such as Google Analytics into your website, you can view data on the traffic your site is receiving. These figures provide you with the knowledge to further streamline and empower your marketing operations.

    These six ways of rebooting your strategy can help you stay ahead of new trends and a constantly changing market. Canberra Web can assist you every step of the way with web design and optimisation. We also provide monthly strategies for digital marketing Canberra businesses can rely on.

  • How to manage your digital marketing in the real world

    You know how important your website’s digital marketing is to the success and productivity of your business. That’s why you’re here. However, did you know there are some tangible and valuable benefits to getting off the internet and into a meeting with a real live person? Before you say you don’t have time to have a meeting about your digital marketing, can you afford not to? Can you afford not to have your website run smoothly? Can you afford not to be getting the most bang for your Google AdWords buck? Of course not. So, come in and take a seat.

    What is digital marketing?

    Google AdWords can be a significant investment for your business. However, it is also one of the best and most popular ways to optimise your website traffic while collecting valuable data about attracting qualified visitors. However, Google AdWords is not a set and forget part of your digital marketing plan. Nor is it the only thing you should be thinking about in your website management.

    Digital marketing should also include organic optimisation of your website. This helps convert more visitors into customers. When this starts to happen your quality page score also increases, making your Google AdWords cheaper to run. It’s also important to know how your customers are interacting with your website, which can be done using customised tracking codes.

    Your digital marketing strategy should be reviewed monthly to make sure it is performing. It should also be fully customised to your business goals using a Google analytics matrix. While you don’t want to get too distracted by looking over your shoulder, you should also be aware of what your competitors are doing with a competitive analysis.

    Benefits of working with a digital marketing agency offline

    This can seem like a lot to worry about, just to keep your website optimised. However, this is why it makes sense to work with a local digital marketing agency in Canberra. You can easily meet with them once a month for updates and adjustments. You know they are set up with the tools and the team to take care of all of these analytics and draw out valuable conclusions from the data collected.

    Why not arrange a time to meet CanberraWeb, to find out just how easy it is to manage your website, for real?

  • How to promote a new website on social media

    Whilst a beautiful and intuitive website represents a great asset for any business, it will be worthless unless web users are able to find it. Newly created websites are very unlikely to show up in search results thanks to the sheer number of established sites they are competing against. In this way, it is imperative that businesses start promoting new sites as soon as they are built.

    Social media is a great way to promote a new site thanks to its widespread use and low cost. If you’re new to the world of social media promotion, here are a few tips to help your website attract the attention it deserves:

    1. Establish a social media presence

    If your business is new to social media, you will need to start building an online presence before promoting your new site. Firstly, consider which platforms will work for the company. B2B companies, for example, may not work particularly well on Instagram, whilst B2C operations may not suit LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook, however, are pretty essential for all businesses.

    Once you have created your profiles, you should fill out relevant information about your company and start building a network of followers. You can do this by inviting friends, employees and regular customers to like your page, as well as posting engaging and relevant links to attract prospective customers.

    2. Make the most of hashtags

    Keeping track of trending hashtags is a great way to attract new customers to your brand. If your website features a recent blog post about a trending topic, for example, try posting a tweet featuring the relevant hashtag and a link to the post. If the topic is popular enough, thousands of people could potentially engage with your post and be tempted to visit your website.

    3. Post teasers

    Before your site has even gone live, it may be worth posting teasers across social media. Indeed, posting relevant and engaging branded imagery on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help generate a buzz around your new website.

    4. Invest in a social media ad

    Investing in a social media ad is a great way to reach target demographics quickly and easily. What’s more, it does not have to be expensive as you can set budget restrictions for each advert.

    If you're interested in website design or digital marketing in Canberra, get in touch with us today.

  • How to reduce website bounce rate and boost conversions

    The term bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors or users who enter a site’s homepage or single page and leave almost immediately without viewing other additional pages. Smart webmasters and site managers pay close attention to bounce rate when measuring their overall website performance. High bounce rates translate to spending less time on the website, which in turn equates to fewer conversions. Therefore, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website through proper optimisation and effective content marketing will ultimately reduce your bounce rate and consequently boost conversions. Here are ways and tips on how to reduce bounce rate and boost your conversion rate.

    Improve content readability

    Today’s internet users have a short attention span, which means they won’t waste time on websites with unreadable content when there are tons of other viable options online. Long blocks of text scare readers away, so your content should be legible in order to appeal to readers. To avoid a swift exit or bounce rate, make sure the formatting of your content is clean and standardised. Readable content contains vital elements such as short sentences and paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, relevant links, quotes from industry experts, infographics, and a conclusion with a call to action.

    Include captivating images and videos

    Images are very effective for grabbing the attention of your audience. Instead of using minimalistic layouts and a white background, use captivating images on your full-screen background and landing pages. You can either buy professional photographs or utilise royalty-free images to optimise your site. Video marketing is a powerful persuasion tool. With a small budget, you can create professional videos to represent your brand or products, rather than relying on large chunks of plain text.

    Improve your website speed

    Website visitors make up their mind about your site within the first few seconds. Hence, you don’t want to waste these valuable seconds showing them blank loading scripts. Optimise every page on your site with tools such as Google Page Speed so as to reduce bounce rate. You should also optimise your images, improve caching, and perhaps switch to a faster and reliable hosting provider.

    Create a convincing call-to-action

    Attracting visitors to your site and building interest is not an easy task. So, make sure you don’t lose those valuable visitors or potential customers with a weak call-to-action. Your CTA should be so compelling that a visitor will consider subscribing, buying, or at least thinking about taking action. Every CTA optimisation element matters when creating a compelling CTA. Utilise ideas such as discounts, coupons, trial periods, and free newsletters to make your CTA even more persuasive.

    At Canberra Web, our digital marketing Canberra based team is comprised of content marketing and website designers with years of specialist knowledge and experience building and maintaining websites that get results. For more information on how to get the best web design, content creation, and SEO services, contact us today.

  • How to use Google Analytics to improve your digital marketing strategy

    Many businesses fail to utilise Google Analytics and do not understand how this useful tool works. Google Analytics can help businesses better understand their customer and the traffic they receive on their website. Below, we share a few tips on how to understand and use Google Analytics to improve your digital marketing...

    Source/Medium Report from Google Analytics

    This report offers a high-level and actionable overview of the performance of your website. It provides a breakdown of the site’s performance by traffic source. If you want to access it, find the tab labelled “Acquisition” and then click on “All Traffic,” and finally, “Source/Medium.”

    Some of the things you will see include:

    The traffic source identity and the number of users originating from the source.

    The engagement of the users on your website.

    The bottom line results of the traffic source which can be measured by goal conversions or/and purchases.

    Let's look at an example.

    You might discover that your YouTube traffic has a bounce rate of 46%, and the bounce rate of your email traffic is 12%. This insight tells you that people using email engage more with your traffic and they visit multiple pages. This will help you to prioritise email over YouTube and enable you to create a different landing page for your YouTube visitors. Additionally, it will help you to see each traffic source’s sales and revenue.

    Landing page reports from Google Analytics

    When businesses talk about landing pages through AdWords or in digital marketing, they are talking about a page that generates email subscribers. Ideally, it is the first page that a visitor accesses on your website.

    Let us look at an example of web navigation. If a visitor navigates your website like this:

    Homepage > category page > product and services page > exit.

    Then the landing page is the "Homepage."

    Now, the landing page report shows the landing pages that starts all the first sessions of your visitors on your websites. Basically, it will show the pages that people saw first. The landing page report will also allow you to compare the performance of all the landing pages, and indicate the best performing landing page.

    To access this report, you will access it through the following channel, “Behaviour tab/Site Content/Landing Pages." This report will help you identify the best landing page for a particular ad.

    If you want to work with a successful digital marketing agency Canberra based, contact Canberra Web today. We have a team of digital marketing experts who are ready to help you grow your customers and improve the sales of your products and services. Call us today to find out more.

  • Less spam more effective email marketing

    Choose CanberraWeb for expert email marketing campaigns in Canberra

    Email marketing - what is it?

    The vast world of marketing is fast-moving and innovative, involving an ever-evolving and huge spectrum of areas including TV and radio, SEO, social media, video, mobile analytics and dozens of others. But among them all, email marketing remains a strong and reliable performer, consistently delivering a top return on investment and a broad and powerful reach.

    Put simply, email marketing is getting your message to an audience of potential or existing clients by email. And while now among the oldest of the 'new' forms of marketing, it remains the highest of proven performers even today.

    Email marketing - why you need it

    Email marketing is effective because it is highly targeted and direct - you compile the list of recipients and can be confident they will receive the message you want to get to them. It is also invaluable for repeat clients, keeping them up to date and fostering loyalty.

    Email marketing - the benefits

    • It's inexpensive, easy and effective: email marketing is still the ideal way to reach a lot of potential customers for little more than initial setup fees, particularly when compared to the cost of traditional mail, radio and TV campaigns.
    • It's fast and efficient: because your recipients signed up, you know your message is likely to be received well, and you know that once you press 'Go', up to many thousands of existing and potential clients have your message straight away.
    • It's assessable: the results of expert email marketing can be tracked, and it's easy to customise, personalise and integrate with your other marketing formats.

    What CanberraWeb can deliver for you

    The CanberraWeb team are experts in designing superior email marketing campaigns for both large organisations and small businesses in all industries that deliver proven results.

    CanberraWeb's services include:

    • Assigning a dedicated campaign manager who will work to understand your business, tailor your strategy, train your staff and oversee a successful campaign.
    • Perfecting your marketing content, either by assigning the task to our skilled writers or relying on our experience to help improve your existing material.
    • Developing a unique, industry-specific and effective visual template and layout for your brand.
    • Expertly managing your crucial email contact list, ensuring not only that you are creating the right message, but that it is being received by the right people in an efficient way.
    • Tracking and reporting the results of your campaign, collecting data about who sees your emails, how they read it and what actions they take as a result, and analysing and assessing how the campaign can be modified or improved as a result.


  • Monetising a great social media presence

    For a growing portion of generation x and younger consumers, their buying is not just influenced by real-life friends and family but their favourite social media personalities. Many people with strong social media presences want to make the most of the work they have put into building their social media profile.

    Here are some steps to follow.

    Think about how you are likely to make money

    Depending on the type of social media presence you have the best ways to make money can be by advertising certain products (i.e. doing guest posts or reviews), by selling your own products or by referring your fans or followers to other products (where you get a commission for each sign up). People who have a fashion blog or popular YouTube channel may do well from selling personalised products, where a business, gaming or marketing guru may find their followers are better suited to niche referrals. It is a great idea to think about what it is that viewers get from your profile; is it useful advice, a sense of community or just the entertainment factor from seeing you use your own specific style of address or catchphrases? Knowing your unique selling point can help to guide your plans for monetisation.

    Look at how other successful personalities in your field have monetised their social media to get an idea of what the popular ideas are, and which channels may be available (or alternately oversaturated).

    Build a personal website

    In addition to your social media it is important to have a personal website that introduces you as a personality. Make sure to give visitors a glimpse of your voice as an influencer as well as a snapshot of all of the channels that you are on, as some people may only know you from one site and not realise that you are also active on other sites. Provide an easy contact form so that any companies that see a potential for you to work together can easily get in contact with you.

    If you want are a social media guru in need of a great website, you should contact a local web developer who can design a site that captures the essence of you. For Canberra locals, the team at Canberra Web can help you with designing a great personal webpage and web hosting in Canberra, as well as helping to optimise your search engine position.

  • Social media marketing

    Using social media to market your business

    Social media has grown to become the top marketing tool for many companies. Being able to access such a vast audience of consumers, without a large marketing budget, makes it an efficient and cost-effective marketing form. Our social media marketing specialists at CanberraWeb can implement paid and organic social media marketing campaigns, which offer dramatic results in consumer engagement, brand awareness and conversions in a short period of time. For the best results it's important to have a social media strategy and goals established, which form the foundation of your social media marketing campaign.

    Why it's important to hire social media marketing professionals

    To use social media marketing effectively to grow your online business, it's vital to target both current customers and new customers. By developing a campaign that communicates your brand and business, while entertaining and engaging your target audience, you will build trust, which over time results in conversions. If your social media isn't handled professionally, it can damage your brand, resulting in loss of business.

    What is involved in social media marketing?

    Social media marketing involves engaging and sharing information with friends, family and the public through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It enables businesses to reach and communicate with a global audience of consumers.

    Why is social media marketing so important?

    As social media has such a massive following both nationally and globally, marketing through these platforms is often integral to a company's success.

    Some of the many reasons investing in social media marketing is essential:

    • Increase brand awareness
    • Generate new sales and leads
    • Grow a loyal community following
    • Consumer engagement
    • Increase search engine visibility
    • Funnel traffic to your website

    Social media consulting and campaign strategy

    At CanberraWeb we will develop a targeted social media strategy based on your marketing goals.

    Our social media specialists in Canberra will help you with:

    • Social media marketing messages to communicate with your audience
    • Correctly delivering the message to grow and engage your client base
    • Identifying the right social media platforms to promote your business
    • Getting you maximum exposure with the right audience

    Social media management and analytics

    After developing your strategy, we will implement your campaign and assess analytics to measure its success, for optimal return on your investment.

    Arrange a social media marketing consultationwith CanberraWeb to promote your business, increase conversions and engage your customers today!

  • Sourcing a website developer with added benefits

    As a business owner in this digital age, you know that a high-quality website that runs quickly and displays well on the most commonly used browsers is an absolute must. You probably also already know that you’re not going to get this if you use a free online website builder. When it comes to quality website design, you definitely get what you pay for. But a website isn’t the only thing your business needs.

    Your website needs exceptional graphics and high-quality, accurate content that is optimised for search engines (referred to as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO). If you want a good reach (and who doesn’t?), you’ll also need social media marketing. For those of you trading online, a reliable and robust e-commerce system is a must and for those of you with a physical presence, you’ll benefit from print marketing in addition to your online presence. You might even be in the market for some app development.

    I can hear you thinking that sourcing a specialist for each of these discrete services is a daunting task. You’re probably already feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to find the time to hunt down providers that will not only do a good job but will also work seamlessly with each other to ensure a consistent brand for your business. Well, stop right there! You don’t need to spend days or weeks researching the best providers. Here at Canberra Web, we provide every one of those services and more.

    Our specialists not only excel at providing quality products in each of the above service areas, they also work together seamlessly as a team to ensure a hassle-free experience. No matter where you’re located we can service this wide range of needs remotely but for those of you in the Canberra area, you can talk to our staff in person for that extra, personal touch.

    So if you need services that cover one or more of web design, web hosting, app development, graphic design, digital marketing, and print, and most especially if you’re looking for a provider in Canberra, then look no further than Canberra Web. Call us today or come in for a visit - you’ll be so happy you did.

  • The burning questions about digital marketing answered

    Digital marketing is easily one of the most important aspects of a business’s online success, and yet it is one of the most confusing concepts for website owners to master. As the leading digital marketing specialists in Canberra, we want to dispel the myths and answer all of your burning questions about digital marketing, SEO and Google AdWords Canberra business owners ask.

    How long does SEO take to work?

    While most people assume SEO is instant and believe that their website will be at the top of Google overnight, it's simply not the case. A well-implemented SEO campaign can take up to three months before it starts benefitting your website. However, we must stress well-implemented, because your success depends purely on the quality of your campaign and the execution.

    If you have waited three months and your website isn’t performing as it should, review your SEO strategy, ideally with the help of a Canberra digital marketing specialist who can tailor your strategy in the right direction.

    I have a small business; do I need digital marketing in Canberra?

    The short answer is yes, but let us explain. Every business in Canberra, no matter what the size, needs a digital marketing strategy. In fact, you could argue that smaller businesses need digital marketing more than their larger equivalents, as they don’t have the word of mouth or recognisable branding.

    The biggest mistake you can make is ignoring digital marketing in the hope that Google will do it for you. Every time you find a business on a Google map, or in a list of businesses near you, this has been set up by the business through digital marketing, not by an automated system at Google.

    What’s the difference between an organic Google ranking and AdWords?

    When you break down an organic ranking versus an AdWords ranking, an organic ranking is one that happens naturally, and AdWords is a paid advertisement, paid for by the business as a part of a careful marketing strategy.

    The organic ranking comes from numerous factors working together to push your website higher up the Google ranking. This could be anything from your website design appeal, the specific service or product you offer, your meta descriptions and alt tags, to your social media campaigns and word of mouth. Where it may sound appealing to rank organically, this can take years of work, strategizing and leveraging success. This is the opposite of Google AdWords which offers almost immediate results.

    What do I need to get started with AdWords?

    The three biggest things you need to get your Google AdWords started is a budget, a goal and AdWords knowledge.

    As we mentioned before, Google AdWords are paid advertisements, so you need available capital to invest in the advertising. Secondly, you need to define the goals you want to achieve with your campaign. Do you want more traffic to one page specifically? Do you want to get more reservation? Or make more sales? Knowing what you want out of AdWords will help you tailor your ad and focus your efforts.

    Lastly, knowing how to set up, operate and strategize using AdWords is vital. While physically setting up a campaign seems easy to do, the complexities behind targeting keywords, where to place your budget and when to manipulate your ad can be tricky. If you are looking to start a Google AdWords campaign in Canberra, contact us today, and we will guide you through the entire process, one on one, personalising your experience to your needs.

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