How to create an irresistible offer for your campaign

How to create an irresistible offer for your campaign

It is increasingly challenging to run an effective Google AdWords campaign. Algorithms are constantly changing, competition is intense and consumer expectations are rising. To add, your preferred keywords are expensive. Nonetheless, in digital marketing, it remains to be one of the more effective tools.

There are several components to an effective Google AdWords campaign. One that can be a deal maker or breaker is the offer. This post provides a framework of how to create an irresistible offer.

1. Make it valuable

Valuable doesn't mean cheap. Instead, it is the benefits your target audience believes they will receive for the price they pay. If the benefits outweigh the price, you've got a winner. Of course, to identify the compelling benefits, you'll need to know the pain points you'll be solving for them.

2. Make it believable

Customers can't be easily fooled! Today, they are as informed as marketers are. They can smell a rat from miles away. Where relevant, provide a reason for your irresistible offer. Perhaps it is your business's 1st anniversary or you've discovered a more affordable way of shipping and are passing the savings over to customers.

3. Make it low or risk-free

Customers are inundated with countless offers both offline and online. But as they grow savvier, they have internal filters to weed out risky purchases. This is most evident in too-good-to-be-true offers. You can take away this apprehension. The most common method is a money-back guarantee. However, this may not be applicable to all categories of products and services. Find one relevant to your category.

4. Make it easy to act

Your call to action - CTA - has to be clear and prominent. Do not turn your landing page into a maze. Once they're sold to your offer, you'd want them to act quickly. Hence, whether it is to call, email or text you, make it clear and prominent.

A well run Google AdWords campaign can be profitable. But like most things in digital marketing, you'll need to work at it. Let us guide you through your next cost-effective and results-focused Google AdWords campaign. Call us!

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