• 4 ways to stop click fraud consuming your digital marketing budget

    Your digital marketing budget is precious. The last thing you want is to be investing your hard-earned profits into remaining competitive in the online landscape, only to have the costs of your digital marketing being driven up by click fraud. Luckily there are four simple ways you can combat click fraud.

    1. Know what click fraud is

    You must know your enemy in order to defeat them, and click fraud can be a flighty enemy to pin down. Click fraud inflates the number of clicks on your pay per click ads, so you’re paying for clicks which will never convert to sales. These fraudulent clicks may be made by your competitors trying to sabotage your campaign and inflate your budget. The ad publishers may also click on ads displayed on their sites to increase the revenue they earn from the ad.

    2. Monitor your conversions

    Click fraud also runs the risk of you abandoning campaigns or keywords which you think aren’t converting. If a previously highly converting keyword becomes subject to click fraud you may be tempted to abandon that keyword. It’s getting the clicks but the people who click just don’t seem to be the right customers who would buy from you. However, if you’re able to dig a little deeper into your digital marketing you can avoid losing a profitable keyword and return that campaign to the black.

    3. Report click fraud

    Search engines are aware of click fraud. They have their own systems to monitor and detect click fraud and, in some cases, can stop the fraudulent click before it debits your bank account. However, if you do find fraudulent clicks which a search engine has missed, take the time to report them. Reporting click fraud helps protect other digital marketing campaigns and can ensure you receive a refund for the fraudulent clicks.

    4. Work with a specialised digital marketing agency

    Working with a dedicated digital marketing agency Canberra based, like Canberra Web, can make spotting and stopping click fraud on your account even easier. CanberraWeb will work to identify the IP addresses which generate the fraudulent clicks, and setup IP exclusions to stop click fraud on your account.

    There are also proactive options you can take when working with Canberra Web, such as running GDN remarketing campaigns to target only those people who have already clicked. This eliminates click fraud from publishers as they’ll never see your ad.

  • How to create an irresistible offer for your campaign

    It is increasingly challenging to run an effective Google AdWords campaign. Algorithms are constantly changing, competition is intense and consumer expectations are rising. To add, your preferred keywords are expensive. Nonetheless, in digital marketing, it remains to be one of the more effective tools.

    There are several components to an effective Google AdWords campaign. One that can be a deal maker or breaker is the offer. This post provides a framework of how to create an irresistible offer.

    1. Make it valuable

    Valuable doesn't mean cheap. Instead, it is the benefits your target audience believes they will receive for the price they pay. If the benefits outweigh the price, you've got a winner. Of course, to identify the compelling benefits, you'll need to know the pain points you'll be solving for them.

    2. Make it believable

    Customers can't be easily fooled! Today, they are as informed as marketers are. They can smell a rat from miles away. Where relevant, provide a reason for your irresistible offer. Perhaps it is your business's 1st anniversary or you've discovered a more affordable way of shipping and are passing the savings over to customers.

    3. Make it low or risk-free

    Customers are inundated with countless offers both offline and online. But as they grow savvier, they have internal filters to weed out risky purchases. This is most evident in too-good-to-be-true offers. You can take away this apprehension. The most common method is a money-back guarantee. However, this may not be applicable to all categories of products and services. Find one relevant to your category.

    4. Make it easy to act

    Your call to action - CTA - has to be clear and prominent. Do not turn your landing page into a maze. Once they're sold to your offer, you'd want them to act quickly. Hence, whether it is to call, email or text you, make it clear and prominent.

    A well run Google AdWords campaign can be profitable. But like most things in digital marketing, you'll need to work at it. Let us guide you through your next cost-effective and results-focused Google AdWords campaign. Call us!

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