Why your WordPress website content needs to be fresh

Why your WordPress website content needs to be freshJust how often do you update your website content? Is it once a month? Once a year? Once in… a blue moon? Whatever your frequency, there’s a reason why websites need not only good design but great content. Aside from increasing your client conversion rate, delighting your audience with your witty words and entertaining your email subscribers with relevant news and blog posts – ensuring you continually update your website content lets Google know that your website is well and truly alive and kicking.

Adding and updating quality, engaging content to your website on a frequent basis means that you utilise more keywords, attract more search engine crawlers, increase your online authority and presence and provide your readers something of value. Google considers many factors when it comes to website ranking, but the freshness of a website is absolutely one of them. While updating your website content does not necessarily skyrocket you to the top of Google's results – it is definitely a practice you should get in the habit of doing if you want your website to be as effective as it can be. Here’s the top benefits of keeping your website content fresh:

1) Fresh content equals higher rankings

Frequently updating your website with new web pages, articles and downloads makes the search engines stop and take notice of your website. Based on the quality of your content, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings when the search engines crawl your site more frequently.

2) More quality content equals better, high ranking keywords

Publishing fresh content allows the opportunity to publish newer, high ranking keywords that will help your site rank higher in Google. Optimising your articles with the most relevant keywords also drives your traffic and attracts more visitors to your site when they search for services using the selected keyword. Use meta-tags, titles and descriptions, and include your keywords to optimise your content, but don’t forget to write the article naturally and not stuff keywords if you want to rank favourably.

3) Increase your authority

The more valuable and authoritative content you can publish on your website, the more valuable and recognised your business becomes in the eyes of the beholder. When people search for your services, you have a better chance to be viewed as a reliable and trusted expert in your specific niche. When you constantly produce quality content, your customers will become loyal followers – which is ultimately what a business should always strive to achieve.

Three great reasons to keep your content fresh!

You can have a website with a great design, but without great content it can become an epic fail. By combining design with quality content, you provide your website with the best possible chance of rising through the ranks and becoming noticed by potential customers.

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