2019 digital marketing trends to ensure that online sale

8683992200 da2271123fAs 2018 draws to a close, the digital marketing world is seeing a shift in the techniques that are used to promote and secure sales on an online store. New trends and strategies are being released and all are evolving towards an entirely internet-connected era.

Companies are needing to incorporate these digital marketing trends to keep up with competition and to ensure that customers are clicking the purchase button on their online store. In 2019, the digital marketing world will largely be focused on strategies that incorporate personalisation and prioritise user experience.

The top three digital marketing trends that companies can expect to see dominate in 2019 are listed below:

1. Chatbots

Already a popular type of digital marketing which focuses on user experience in 2018, chatbots will see a rise in popularity. Chatbots are used to answer any consumer question on the spot, helping boost consumer confidence and lessening the need for the company to provide human resources.

This artificial intelligence technology is set to become a common addition to any website, particularly e-commerce platforms and online stores to heighten the chance of consumers purchasing the product, instead of leaving a cart due to unanswered questions or confusion.

2. Personalisation

In order to stand out among a sea of competitors, companies need to personalise their digital marketing techniques to gain the rapport and respect of their audience. Shopping is a uniquely personal experience and consumers in 2019 will expect to feel the same when checking out of an online store, as they would if they were in a physical store.

Personalization techniques will be utilised on online stores via personalised emails, social media engagement and online stores such as Joomla or WordPress ‘remembering’ a customers latest or favourite purchase and displaying it when they are on the platform.

3. Video marketing

Video viewing is becoming increasingly popular for the 2019 digital-savvy era. Consumers are watching and sharing more videos than ever before, and 52% are more confident in purchasing products online if there is an accompanying product video.

Videos on online stores in 2019 will become more popular and range from educational product ‘how-to’ content to sharp, snappy advertisements.

There are several experts in digital marketing Canberra residents know that they can rely on to boost online sales. One of the most renowned companies is Canberra Web, who utilise platforms such as Joomla and WordPress to design online stores that can be digitally marketed in the best way possible.

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