5 common types of digital marketing

26666494897 a1a193354aDigital marketing can be defined as advertising that you do through channels which are also digital, such as mobile apps, email, social media, websites and search engines. This definition is however restrictive since digital marketing covers a massive range of marketing activities and there is no universal consensus on what it involves.

Here we consider 5 of the most common forms of digital marketing.

1. Mobile marketing

Mobile devices have become a crucial aspect of our lives. Marketers have found ways to communicate their marketing messages through these rather personal devices. Our mobile devices are usually all around us and are continuously checked. Marketers can use in-app marketing, MMS and SMS to communicate marketing messages on these devices.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing has existed for around two decades and has proven to be a somewhat active channel. It is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to reach customers with marketing information. Most people are attached to their emails, and this is why they are useful. But not any email will do. Marketers have to find a way to engage their audience with informative, entertaining, engaging and relevant content.

3. Marketing on social media

Many social media users use these channels to educate themselves, discover and research brands, among other more personal activities. Few marketing tools can display a brand's personality like its social media profiles. Anyone will pay attention to a brand with a million followers on their Instagram as opposed to one with less than a thousand. To succeed in social media marketing, you must weave it into all of your marketing efforts and create shareable posts.

4. Content marketing

Content still is king. Great content is the fuel that drives all your marketing efforts. Content that generates interest must be informative and inspiring. Creating such content is never easy, but well worth it. Your audience must see you as a relevant source of information for them to want to engage with you.

5. Search engine optimisation

This drives visitors to your website after you have optimised for search engines. SEO comprises some ideal practices for great digital marketing. An easy to use and a well-constructed website is necessary for good SEO. Content must also be valuable and engaging, and other sites must link to you by mentioning you on their social media posts and such for SEO to be effective.

There are also other popular methods of digital marketing such as paid advertising. If you are looking for digital marketing Canberra businesses can trust, consider Canberra Web. We can handle your SEO, content creation, graphic design, web hosting, and much more. Contact us today to learn more.

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