4 Things to Remember When Moving your Web Content

36772578772 b4a1196c20It's easy to think that you have mastered everything about migrating your web content to a new site. However, this might not be the case. Here are the top 4 tips that you should know when planning to move your content:

Understand your existing site
Do you really understand the structure of your existing site? Web design Canberra professionals will help you to analyse the sitemap and the files that build up the pages on your old site. This helps with planning how best your content should be transferred to the new site.

Save everything
It’s possible to feel competent about moving your web content. However, do you know that a small mistake can result in the loss of all your content?
The real beauty of working with professionals when moving your content is that they have vast experience in the area. They will download everything and store it in a logical manner. Additionally, they are in a better position to arrange the content on your new site so that it ranks better.

Conflicting formatting
Copying and pasting content into your new site is not going to work. The formatting on your old site will conflict with that of your new site giving your site an unappealing look.
Experts use great techniques that avoid inaccurate formatting. In fact, graphic design Canberra professionals will also help you to fully optimise your new site.

Don’t opt for automatic options
It is very tempting to choose the automatic web content migration options. But don’t. One reason that you may be abandoning your old site is that the structures are unsound.

The automatic way to transfer your content may be fast but often it results in the poor naming of files, shoddy structures, and duplicate files. On the other hand, web design Canberra experts follow professional practices that aim at preventing such problems in future.
Don’t just move your web content; consult experts that have experience in migrating content. Is your content optimised, interesting and engaging? Think about Canberra Web Design to perfect your web content to exactly how you want it.

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