The difference between an online presence and an online pretence

25900876582 caae0791feHow many politicians, when presenting themselves to the electorate, make offers and promises to voters that are not later fulfilled? This doesn't necessarily mean that electors are being deliberately misled; perhaps life and circumstances simply intervene to prevent aspirations becoming reality. Also, it can be a case of telling people what that candidate thinks they want to hear.

The difference between presence and pretence

The latter is described in a dictionary as the attempt to make something that is not the case appear to be true - or as a claim to have a particular skill, ability or quality. Other definitions talk about a 'false display' and 'inventing imaginary situations'. Presence is defined as the state of fact of existing, occurring, or being present.

How does this apply to web design or digital marketing in Canberra and elsewhere?

Quickly leaving aside unacceptable practices which lead to deliberate deception, we believe that online pretence is the result of an honest belief in the products or services being promoted, and what they can achieve for buyers and users, or a genuine wish that this is how it will be.

The problems then arise when potential customers have been given such expectations which are not delivered, at least to some degree. Whereas, in the past, these individuals might have complained to work colleagues, friends or family members, their anger had a limited scope. With the advent of social media, in all its forms, such annoyance can find a wide, and quickly responsive, audience. Great damage can be done to the reputation of a company or organisation, even when a genuine attempt to deliver the product or service, or rectify any fault, has been made.

Offering a practical solution

Agreeing that such problems are accidental in their formation, a key factor is often that web design and digital marketing activities are undertaken completely in-house. The business is presented from an insider's point-of-view, which can be idealistic or overly optimistic.

This is why for digital marketing and website design needs, more Canberra businesses are turning to our talented Canberra Web team. We match our realistic outside eye with their insider business acumen to deliver an online presence that is positive yet practical in its promises, built with ambitious yet achievable aims.

If you believe this would be a positive step for your business or organisation to consider, please contact us now for an obligation-free conversation...

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