What types of content can improve your website?

Everyone is on the web these days, and companies are looking for the kind of web design Canberra and the rest of the world would be proud of. One of the key components to success in this area is content creation. A website is no good without exciting and engaging content.

The trick is figuring out which types of content will work best for you and your business. Today, we give you a little help in that department by discussing a couple of content types that tend to produce great results.

1. Get friendly with GIFs.

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format, is a very handy blend of picture and video that is great for sharing content if used correctly. There are millions of them floating around online and they are that synthesis that it is better than a still image but not large and data intensive as a video. Whether you're using it to tell a particular story, explain how something works, or just show off the personality of your business, a GIF can be a great thing!

2. Infographics are interesting.

Our second type of content is also very visually appealing though a bit larger in scale. Infographics are an excellent way to present a fair amount of information in an easy-to-understand layout that is also quite enjoyable to look at. Most graphics of this type utilise multiple colours, fonts, and other elements that can sometimes make you wonder how somebody ever thought up something that cool. The fact is that infographics tend to get triple the likes and shares that other content receives. That alone makes them a worthwhile investment in terms of both time and money.

These two examples are but a small portion of what content creation has to offer, and you'll find many great options out there for each of these content types. Some might want to take on the daunting task of putting together an infographic on their own, or they might want to try their hand at generating some custom GIFs. However, it can be far less stressful and effective to let the professionals handle it. You'll find that the time you save is well worth the money you'll spend.

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