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Email marketing - what is it?

The vast world of marketing is fast-moving and innovative, involving an ever-evolving and huge spectrum of areas including TV and radio, SEO, social media, video, mobile analytics and dozens of others. But among them all, email marketing remains a strong and reliable performer, consistently delivering a top return on investment and a broad and powerful reach.

Put simply, email marketing is getting your message to an audience of potential or existing clients by email. And while now among the oldest of the 'new' forms of marketing, it remains the highest of proven performers even today.

Email marketing - why you need it

Email marketing is effective because it is highly targeted and direct - you compile the list of recipients and can be confident they will receive the message you want to get to them. It is also invaluable for repeat clients, keeping them up to date and fostering loyalty.

Email marketing - the benefits

  • It's inexpensive, easy and effective: email marketing is still the ideal way to reach a lot of potential customers for little more than initial setup fees, particularly when compared to the cost of traditional mail, radio and TV campaigns.
  • It's fast and efficient: because your recipients signed up, you know your message is likely to be received well, and you know that once you press 'Go', up to many thousands of existing and potential clients have your message straight away.
  • It's assessable: the results of expert email marketing can be tracked, and it's easy to customise, personalise and integrate with your other marketing formats.

What CanberraWeb can deliver for you

The CanberraWeb team are experts in designing superior email marketing campaigns for both large organisations and small businesses in all industries that deliver proven results.

CanberraWeb's services include:

  • Assigning a dedicated campaign manager who will work to understand your business, tailor your strategy, train your staff and oversee a successful campaign.
  • Perfecting your marketing content, either by assigning the task to our skilled writers or relying on our experience to help improve your existing material.
  • Developing a unique, industry-specific and effective visual template and layout for your brand.
  • Expertly managing your crucial email contact list, ensuring not only that you are creating the right message, but that it is being received by the right people in an efficient way.
  • Tracking and reporting the results of your campaign, collecting data about who sees your emails, how they read it and what actions they take as a result, and analysing and assessing how the campaign can be modified or improved as a result.


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