Digital marketing in Canberra

We're Canberra's digital marketing specialists

Struggling to be found online? Want to build brand awareness and increase conversions with the products or services you sell? Digital marketing is the answer!

At CanberraWeb, we are the digital marketing specialists and have the expertise to make your business stand out from your competitors in a crowded online market.

Be found by the right audience

Our consultants will meet with you face-to-face to assess your digital marketing needs, based on your budget and goals, then develop a digital marketing strategy and campaign to help you reach your target audience.

Turn traffic into revenue

While you might have the latest and greatest products available, which should make your company sought after in your industry, unless the right online traffic is directed to your sales platform, your revenue won't increase. Which is where we come in. We use search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search engine marketing campaigns to boost your online ranking so your target market will find you, converting traffic into dollars!

How we market your business online:

  • SEO

    By incorporating specialised SEO techniques in your website, social media and other platforms, we will help your company be found by Google and other search engines for the products or services you sell.

  • Google AdWords campaign management

    Otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google will place your ad where your target market can see it, and you only pay when your ad gets selected. We will set up your Google AdWords campaign and tailor your advertising spend based on results. You also have control over when you start and end your campaign, so you're not locked in permanently.

  • Social media management and campaigns

    Social media is a fantastic way to reach and connect with a vast online audience. We can manage all of your social media platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, as well as create paid campaigns that will effectively reach your target market.

  • Email marketing campaigns

    Email marketing campaigns are an essential marketing tool to target your client database with sales offers, news or information. We can set up and create email marketing campaigns to help you increase revenue or engage your clients more effectively.

Let our team of digital marketing specialists in Canberra help you increase your online business today! We will customise our services to more efficiently meet your digital marketing needs. Call our professional team to arrange a consultation and start reaping the financial rewards!

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