Considerations for writing your website content

4 ways content is the key to your website

When it comes to getting your website built, there are many important elements to consider. There's the actual platform and design, the functionality and navigation, the host, the content management system, an online shop, a social media strategy - and more.

But do you want to know what the most underrated but absolutely crucial element of that entire website design is? One word: content.

That's right, so many Canberra Web clients come to us asking for slick, modern and above all simple website designs - and there's certainly nothing wrong than that. But we're consistently blown away by how clients will often want to sacrifice content to achieve a minimal but visually stunning site.

But here's what we tell them about the incredible importance of content:

  1. Information

    Above all else, 'content' is just another way to say 'information' - and that's pretty much why your website visitor is trying to find you in the first place. Remember - they want your details and they want to know about your product or service, and the most direct way to transmit that information is through simple, easy-to-find, high quality and easy-to-understand content. Not just that, the all-important 'Call To Action' - where you actually ask your visitors to stop just reading and actually do something - is only possible within content.

  2. Search engines

    But before that visitor even gets to your site, they need to find it - and that's where the trusty search engine comes in. One of the best ways websites communicate with search engines is through content. So bear in mind that your content is being written not just for your customers eyes, but specifically for the search engine - so make sure it's on-point and accurately describing what your website is all about, so the search engine knows what to do with that information.

  3. Keywords

    To this end, your content should also bear in mind the sort of keywords that search engine users might be typing into their browsers. This is all part of your search engine optimisation strategy, and content plays a huge role. A page of content with targeted keywords is the clearest and easiest way for a search engine to match your website with its search results and the best possible potential visitor.

  4. Internal links

    You'll also notice that website content often includes internal links - a hyperlinked gateway to other pages within a site. This is an easy way for your users to navigate through the most important parts of your website, easily finding what they are looking for. Internal links are also liked by search engines, helping the ever more sophisticated technology to understand what your site is about and how it should be presented in listings.

Finally, great content is quite simply one of the easiest ways to attract, entertain and keep visitors to your site, demonstrating its high quality and value. The team at Canberra Web knows all about how important content is as we do the web design Canberra clients have trusted for years, so get in touch today to find out more.

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