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Don't get left behind by SEO trends

You may not think the worlds of SEO and fashion are very similar, but they do have one major feature that is almost identical: trends.

Just as what comes down the catwalk is the latest and greatest in fashion innovation, so too is it crucial that your search engine optimisation strategy is designed for today. That's because the digital world is racing ahead at a rate of knots, and not riding that wave will simply leave you lagging behind on those all-important listings.

So here are the latest SEO trends that you can't afford to miss:

  1. Social - It's no surprise that social media is number 1 on this list, but you may not realise just how important the major search engines like Google now consider it to be. In fact, the lines between 'web' and 'social media' are now almost completely blurred, as the search engines use links to social networks as a crucial sign to a relevant and credible business.
  2. Video - That's right, the big mover of 2019 was video. Short and ultra-shareable moving images are now a powerful marketing tool and therefore a major SEO strategy, because they are superior by a factor of many multiples when it comes to Google rankings and click-throughs.
  3. Mobile - Another obvious one, because more and more people are browsing with their hand-held devices. The search engines know this as well, so websites that are mobile optimised are rewarded.
  4. Voice - Yet another big mover is voice searching - because searching by text is just so passé. People online are quickly learning that their voice is an easy and effective way to search for what they're looking for, so when you're making that content, you need to make sure it's voice-search optimised.
  5. Aggregation - Your customers in 2019 are always looking for that short-cut, and one way to do that is with content aggregators. As a result, aggregators are high on search engine results pages - so you need to be there too.
  6. Apps- Your website is still important, but do you have an app as well? People online are now spending at least 50% of their time on apps, and this number is growing.


For more ideas about SEO trends and how they can be best used for your business, contact the specialists in digital marketing, Canberra Web, today.

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