'the purpose of your site and identifying your users/customers'

Sit down with a member of our experienced team at Canberra Web to discuss your business or organisations purpose and goals. In order for our developers to define the essence of your objectives, you need to inform us whether you are selling a service or product or involved in providing information/awareness to the public.

Making money and sharing information are the main reasons for getting online! 

By defining your objectives, our developers can begin to get an idea of your target audience! If you already know who your customers and users are then this part in the development process is made a lot easier. It can be helpful to redefine your target audience so that specific groups can be better informed to help you achieve your goals. Put yourself in your customers shoes and consider specifics like their age, sex and personal interests. These will all help later in optimising your websites visibility!

Once all of our questions have been answered and you have clearly defined your objectives and your target audience, we will have taken together the first step forward in the development process with your ideas and our guidance intact. Essentially, we'll be on the same page!


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