Automatic Website Backup

Why should I backup my web site(s) and why I should backup using your web site backup service?

Without giving you goosebumps, many horrific situations can easily ruin any website owners day that can be prevented by maintaining safe, secure, and consistent set of website backups. You've heard too many stories about other fellow website owners having lost their website files, databases, emails due to a staff error, server hardware failure, or malicious attacks. Our Website Backup service prevents these problematic situations from ruining the website you've invested money, hours of time, dedication and hard work into. All in all, this is an easy solution that allows your website to have a weekly scheduled, automated web site backup.

Why should I backup with your service if I already backup myself?

Many people make the mistake of not having a reliable place for storing their backup files, nor is it stored in a schematic fashion; many people make the mistake of storing their backup files in the same place as their original files (eg. backup files on the same server as your website). If there is a problem with your website, then you may lose both the original files and the backup files all at once. if you use our backup service, we will store your backup files in a schematic naming fashion on reliable RAID-6 servers, which means drives on the server can fail without the loss of data. That in turn means that you can retrieve the files whenever you need to. Your backups will also happen automatically on a weekly basis. You don't have to remind yourself to make your backups, so you'll always have a consistent backup set to rely on when disaster strikes.

How much does it cost?

Peace of mind for $104 p/a, thats $2 per week and 52 website backup a year! Can you afford not to have it?

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