How to communicate urgency and drive growth

How to communicate urgency and drive growth

Sometimes, a little urgency can push a prospect across the line. There are many reasons they delay making a purchase. Amongst others, they may be spoilt for choice or lacking clarity in the problem they are attempting to resolve. As a result, they may be sitting on their decision. A gentle nudge helps. One of the ways in which this can be done is by creating and communicating urgency. This can be embedded in your Google Ad copy. It's a widely used tactic in AdWords Canberra businesses use. But ensuring your ad doesn't come across as pushy or salesy is important. It can be done with style and substance. In this post, you'll find useful tips you can apply.

1. Datelines

It's an acceptable practice to set sales datelines. The fact is that people recognise, as a business, that you need to move on from one line to the next. By setting datelines, you're giving prospects a window of opportunity to make a purchase on favourable terms as long as the need exists.

2. Choice of words plays a part

"Be the first to use it", "Get immediate access", "Installation fee waived" - they lend urgency to your copy. More importantly, it embeds a benefit to prospects should they make the purchase soon. Urgency should never be to the seller's advantage only.

3. Personalise the offer

Today, marketing personalisation plays a big part in driving success. Do not ignore it when communicating urgency. Tailoring an offer to prospects' interests using their digital footprint can move them along the sales cycle faster. In addition, it can work well for prospects who abandon their sales carts.

4. Use numbers

Numbers are like morse codes; they communicate an idea very quickly. For example, "4 out of 5 customers prefer to use this system!". If your prospects value their customers, this message may compel them to act. They risk losing 4 of their customers if they do not switch to using your services.


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