How to use visuals to drive engagement and growth

How to use visuals to drive engagement and growth 

 This data should not be surprising: we read only 28% of the text on a web page. Outside of the digital arena, research by 3M reported that presenters using visual aids are 43% more effective in delivering their points across. Prior to running your next Google AdWords campaign, think about integrating visuals in your communication. In this post, we will discuss the various types of visual elements you can consider.

1. Emotional cues of colours

Colours are used not only for aesthetic reasons. They can evoke emotional responses in consumers and complement the use of text to deliver a message. Blue, for example, communicates trustworthiness. One of the world's leading cloud-based accounting software, XERO, paints its digital presence in primarily blue colours.

2. Real people

A 2006 study published by Georgetown University Medical Center revealed that the human brain is wired to recognize and remember faces. So it makes sense to have images of real people in your digital marketing Canberra campaign to create impact and aid memorability. Images of real people will also make your marketing more personable and will subconsciously communicate feelings of empathy. The impact multiplies when real people are shown using your product or service.

3. Visualizing data and information

When data and information are visualized, they are more digestible and are easier to understand and remember. Be they complex or simple facts, with the help of visuals - images or sketches - they are likely to hit home faster and more succinctly. If the big idea behind the message is relevant, it can trigger interest and purchase intent.

4. Use videos

You can easily create a video with excellent sound and picture quality from anywhere, anytime - thanks to the latest smartphone technology. Videos are the ultimate visual aid to drive engagement, which explains their rising popularity amongst marketers.

A picture paints a thousand words. After all, humans are visual creatures. Well used, visuals can make the winning difference to your digital marketing strategy. To learn more about the application of visuals, connect with us here.

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