How to design a user experience that drives growth

 How to design a user experience that drives growth

Whether a billboard or website design, the desired impact is similar. They have to engage the target audience. With the average attention span of humans at only 8.25s, a good design is critical. So, what's the link between a Google AdWords campaign and your website design?

A good campaign drives traffic to your website. Once there, your website's 'job' is to convert that traffic into at least enquirers, if not customers. However, poor user experience may lead to visitors leaving your website prematurely. For example, Google has reported over 7 in 10 will leave a website if it isn't mobile-friendly.

How to design a user experience to drive growth, traffic and engagement?

1. Develop customer intimacy

Know your customers well. Make it a point to understand their needs, motivators and online behaviour early in the design phase. This depth of understanding can be applied in your Google AdWords campaign too.

2. Buyer's journey

You've got a very short window to nurture engagement. When prospects see what they're looking for in the first instance, there is a chance they'll hang around a while longer. Both your website and Google AdWords must reflect where prospects are in the buyer's journey when they go online.

3. Map their journey into your brand

With technology today, just about every format and design can be done from the comfort of your mobile device or desktop. And they are pretty intuitive too, requiring hardly any knowledge of web design. But remember, the website is for your target audience. Map the journey of exploration they are likely to take. You may not get it 100% right, but rest assured it will be close enough.

4. Test

It's a small investment to make relative to the potential return. After all, you've got to make sure it works. Test your website design like you would your Google AdWords campaign. You'll gain invaluable insights into their web search behaviour.

To gain attention, let alone conversion is challenging. However, good user experience and targeted Google AdWords campaign can lead to success. Connect here to learn how you can make work well together.

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