How keywords impact your google ads quality score

How keywords impact your google ads quality score

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, so it makes sense to have a strong presence there and to make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to find you on Google.

So, how do you ensure your Google Search ads appear at the top of the relevant Google Search? The answer is simple, make sure your ad and your landing page answer the question being asked.

Here’s how keywords impact your Google Ads campaign:

Google gives your ad a quality score based on how well your ad and your landing page relate to each keyword.

For example, an electrician might create an ad to promote their tv repair service. Their ad would be given a high-quality score for the keywords ‘tv repair’ but a low-quality score for the keywords ‘air conditioning repair.’ The same is true of the landing page. If the Google Ad links to a website landing page that’s dedicated to commercial fridge installation, it would receive a higher quality score for those keywords, but a low-quality score for ‘emergency electrical repairs.’

So, it’s vital to your campaign’s success that you pay close attention to your keywords. Create dedicated Ad Groups for each aspect of your business, to ensure your Ads and your keywords within each Ad Group match the relevant landing page.

It also means monitoring the ‘search terms’ people are using to find your business. If people are finding you with the wrong search terms, they’re not finding what they’re looking for and that will negatively impact your quality score. Make sure you add irrelevant keywords to the negative keywords list so you don’t waste clicks. Equally important is adding search terms to your keywords list that ARE relevant to the Ad Group, especially if the search term leads to a conversion.

Make sure your website landing page is also keyword-rich because this tells Google that people will find what they’re looking for there.

Improving your quality score will decrease the amount you pay per click and ensure your ad appears above your competitors’ ads in relevant search results. Most of all, it means prospective clients will find exactly what they’re looking for on your website and are more likely to engage with you. If you are looking for improve your Google Ads or digital marketing Canberra based, contact Canberra Web now!

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