Why you should use SEO

Why you should use SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of those buzzwords in the market at the moment that everyone is using, but not many know what it actually is or means.

Some people will tell you it's as critical to a business as breathing is to a human. Others will say its an expensive waste of time, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But what actually is SEO and why should you use it in your business?

What SEO is

SEO is not one tool or one activity. It is a combination of activities that allow search engines such as Google to find your website and trust you for reliable and easy to access content. At its core, SEO is understanding your audience, how they search for information and what keywords or phrases are they are looking for, so you can provide the content that they need.

How do you use SEO?

Once you understand who your audience is and what they need, you can write content that uses those keywords, phrases or content in a way that is easy for engines to locate and access.

Promoting your content to be shared on different sites and linked to by others will increase trust and your authority as a content provider.

How it works

When your SEO strategy and all your interconnecting activities are working well, your web rank will improve. This means you will appear closer to the top of search engine pages, and more traffic will be driven to your site. This often creates a virtuous cycle that continually reinforces itself. All you have to do is to make sure your content is up to date and refreshed regularly.

The reasons you should use SEO

Everyone today uses search engines to search for information, services or products. Through SEO you have the opportunity to capitalise on the opportunities provided through this trend and access customers who may not have been accessible through other channels.

Driving increased traffic through your website and increasing exposure to your business can only be a good thing if you want your business to grow. SEO provides you with the opportunity to do this.

Get involved!

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