4 Times Stock Images Are the Right Thing for Your Website

4 Times Stock Images Are the Right Thing for Your WebsiteOur world is becoming more visual by the day as more images are shared, messages are quickly conveyed, and a brand story is told. When Canberra Web is designing or updating your website, we will spend as much time consulting with you about the imagery of your site as we will about the text and the build.

Unfortunately, high-quality photos for your website can be as expensive as they are important. Luckily your digital marketing experts right here in Canberra are going to share four ways you can save your web design dollars and visually promote your brand, with stock images:

1) When They Don’t Have People in Them

We’ve all seen those cheesy corporate stock photos of a group of people in a bland office posing unnaturally. These photos can be spotted a mile away as stock images and they are the reason stock photography has a poor reputation. Don’t take the risk of trying to pass off a stock image as your team, when your ‘team’ could already be appearing on someone else’s website.

2) When They Don’t Have Your Products in Them

Just as the value of your team is found in the unique individuals you have curated for your business, your product or service is just as unique to your brand. Therefore, don’t try and pass off a stock image as your own product, you’ll lose your unique selling position, and only you can convey your product or service.

3) When They’re There for a Reason

Yes, images are a valuable storytelling tool, but choosing a stock image just because you’re short of images for your website is not going to help you market your brand. Make sure the stock images you choose are relevant to the story you’re telling on that page. Plus, while you’re searching free stock image sites, keep an eye out for photos which feature your corporate colours to tie everything together.

4) When They are Customised

That brings us to the best way you can use stock images to your advantage in website design, through customisation. Don’t be afraid to crop or Photoshop a stock image to make it more focussed and relevant to your brand. Overlay text on a stock image to make your content more visually appealing and connect the dots for your readers about why the image is there.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of choosing images for your website design. For web design Canberra businesses can rely on, contact the experts at Canberra Web.

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