Need web hosting? Here are 5 important features a great web host should provide

Need web hosting?You may have some ideas for your established website which will improve its look or functionality, or perhaps you’re just starting out and you have some great ideas for a new website; but have you considered that those brilliant ideas can become a major challenge without the expertise and understanding required of how web hosting and web hosting companies work?

With that in mind, here are 5 important features that a great web hosting company should provide.

PHP script

In simple terms, this is the script used to develop both static and dynamic websites. Given that this is the most popular website script currently on the market, it’s not surprising that most web hosting companies will offer this.

SQL script hosting

Not sure what this is? SQL is used to communicate with a database, and because it's needed to update data, or retrieve data from a database, it’s essential that the web hosting company you choose can provide SQL script hosting.

Additional domain names

If in the future, you’d like to have additional websites as your original site grows and expands, it’s important that you ensure any prospective web hosting company can provide multiple domain names to web hosting accounts.

CGI scripting

Although this is the PHP script of the past, CGI scripting is still necessary at this time when it comes to successful web hosting. Although many web hosting companies offer CGI as their default script, it's always better to select a company that offers both CGI and PHP scripts until CGI eventually becomes obsolete.

Monitoring tools

There’s no point in having a fantastic looking website if you can’t access statistics and monitor the performance of your business. Monitoring tools are critical to the growth of your business as they will enable you to quickly identify any areas that need improvement, and most professional web hosting companies will offer some form of monitoring tools.

Your website can not only look amazing but will function perfectly by simply contacting an expert in web hosting Canberra businesses can rely on.

Canberra Web is your local web hosting company who not only host but design, build and maintain superior websites. So, while Canberra Web’s expert team provide you with the highest level of service, you can focus on managing your business. But best of all, this premium service is available at an affordable price; what more could you ask for?

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