4 tips to make your website more attractive

4 tips to make your website more attractiveIn an age where there are millions of websites that can be found on the internet, how do you make yours more attractive and visually appealing to potential customers?

It’s simple, follow 4 these easy tips:

Choose your colour and design wisely

When choosing a colour scheme and design, opt for one that reflects your brand logo but also your company ethos. Research has shown that different colours elicit emotional reactions, spark interest and convey messages, and could be a powerful subconscious tool in getting your visitors to convert.

According to colour psychology, red commands attention and expresses confidence and action, which is why it is often used by news and media groups as well as charity campaigns. Blue is a calm colour representing trust, authority and modernity, often used by banks and social media platforms. Meanwhile, colours such as purple represent luxury, green represents nature, balance and growth, and orange warmth and impulsiveness.

In terms of layout, consider the purpose of your site. Is it to channel a magazine-style feel which is updated regularly with content; do you want to feature large, eye-catching images front and centre to promote your products; or are you looking to provide information?

Utilise images to their potential

Don’t make the mistake of using stock pictures and graphics on your website; these can look fake and will generate a feeling of inconsistency. Potential customers may even question whether they can trust your product or service if you aren’t using your own images.

By using photos of real people that you’ve taken for your business, even if they're of your actual customers, staff or volunteers, you’ll convey a level of authenticity that will resonate with your audience. To improve engagement with your site, it's also a good idea to employ brand videos and infographics to explain your purpose and complex subjects.

Prioritise user experience

One of the most important factors in making an attractive website is user experience (UX), so make sure the layout is simple yet engaging and that your website is quick to load (that means ideally within two seconds).

Clear navigation through a structured sitemap and menus is key. Also, ensure your content is clear and easy to read, but avoid putting too much content on a page, and vitally, make sure your buttons are prominent because this is where a visitor to your website will take action. The key is ensuring there is a clear flow to help the visitor achieve their goal (information finding) and yours (conversion), and that every page serves a purpose.

Be consistent

It’s crucial that once you’ve decided your brand’s elements, such as colours, font, tone of voice and design, you use these consistently throughout your website - and also in your offline presence. This enables visitors to focus on your message and completing on their intentions for a seamless experience, rather than querying elements of your design and your company as a whole.

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