The security of your web host is important: here's why

The security of your web host is important: here's whyInexperienced internet users might assume that choosing any old host will be sufficient in keeping their business' website afloat. However, this isn't the case and choosing a cheap and cheerful option without any regard for quality might just be your downfall. Here's why you should make sure your host is keeping your site secure:

Hackers can do some serious damage

Many small businesses fail to see hackers as a threat. After all, surely they're busy targetting larger and more well-known companies? But the fact is anyone can become a victim of cybercrime, and it's the smaller businesses that suffer the most. Forbes reported that cyber attacks can do more harm than fires and floods, meaning many SMEs may fold completely under the pressure. This isn't just a matter of lost funds, but of a damaged reputation too. It's hard to rebuild a customer base that doesn't trust you to protect their information, so risking a hack just isn't worth it.

Customers care about security

It's easier than you think for a customer to tell if your site is secure with the widely popularised SSL certificate. All a user needs to do is check for the https:// and lock symbol and they'll know if the site they're on is secure. This is especially important for eCommerce, but even sites that prompt users to input contact details should be protected. Many customers will leave a site without an SSL certificate, meaning you will lose out on sales if you don't have one.

DDOS attacks cause more than just delays

Many people know that DDOS attacks result in your site going down, but uptime is incredibly important. Many visitors to your site won't have the patience to wait more than a few seconds for it to respond, so if your website is down for hours or even days, that's valuable profit you'll never get back. Regular customers may become frustrated if this happens often, so it's important to protect yourself from any kind of hack.

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