3 tips for creating a better one page website

3 tips for creating a better one page websiteIn the past five years, we've seen the rise of the one-page website. A great option for personal portfolios or websites that aren't heavy on content, one-page websites can look super sleek and modern - if done well. If you're building a one page website, then check out these three great tips:

1. Get rid of the fluff

Successful one-page websites are bare boned and stripped back from all the fluff. With a multiple page website, you can get away with a little bit of extra fluff because it's easy to navigate to the page you need. When it comes to one-page website, however, you only have one shot to give your customers the info they need before you lose them.

2. Create a design hierarchy

Your one-page website should define your website’s purpose. Work out what you want your customers to do (e.g subscribe to a service, purchase a product) and ensure your website design directs visitors' eyes where you want them to go. People will naturally notice larger aspects of the design, so ensure that the most important things on your site are the biggest.

3. Consider your navigation

There are two main navigation techniques on one-page websites: static pages with external linking and one-page scrolling pages. On static one-pagers, you can use external linking to allow users to explore. If you are planning to redirect your customers to external websites, ensure that you make it clear that the click will direct them to another page. Using universal icons can be a great way to indicate this.

On scrolling pages, a range of content is placed on one page, but only a portion is centred on your screen at any given time. Ensure that each portion has a unique feel, but still has a sense of continuity (the scrolling should feel like a journey). Vertical scrolling websites are most popular, but you can design websites with a horizontal scroll.

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