Is your website, or online store, a place for strangers?

14861402624 f4f51ccfe6If you enjoy visiting galleries or museums, or browsing street markets, then you'll have your favourite places to visit. You'll also find you know how to make your way around quite easily. Now imagine how different it would be for a first-time visitor!

Your regular visitors will already be comfortable

When crafting an effective website design, Canberra businesses need to specifically consider the needs of the newcomer. This is because regulars will already know where to go, and often have a better idea of exactly what they are looking for and how to find it. This holds true even if they are seeking a product or service they have never purchased from this company before. Simply put: they know how to get it done.

Making new visitors feel welcome

Have you ever noticed, when visiting a strange town or city, how road-signs are obviously placed by people who already know where they are going? This means that a location that appears on one sign might have mysteriously disappeared when you pass the next one!

Equally, websites are designed by people who know all about the business or organisation and how it operates. This often means that key signposting, or specific information, can be inadvertently omitted. Looking at your web presence through a stranger's eyes is vital to help new users make the most of their visit - and allow you the best chance of gaining their business!

It's equally true that the language used might be that of those who have a sound knowledge of the products or services being offered. If a surgeon was describing a medical procedure you were about to undergo, you wouldn't want it to sound like a lecture from a textbook. You'd prefer to be told in simple, clear terms what was going to happen. Inadvertently, talking above the understanding level of the audience usually leads to them going elsewhere - and that's all too easy online.

Developing user-friendly websites and online stores

Our talented and experienced team can deliver the web design Canberra businesses and organisations need to appear welcoming to those vital first-timers. To talk about this key aspect, or any other areas of graphic design, please call us at Canberra Web on 02 6223 2222.

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