3 vital things an eCommerce platform must include

10873901266 86266d2b6fAs the digital evolution is disrupting the ‘high-street’ retail model, more and more businesses in Canberra are finding the need to move their commerce platforms online. The rush to evolve and innovate is leading to errors in web design and eCommerce platform structures that Canberra businesses are struggling to rectify, costing them customers.

When moving a business online, a business in Canberra first needs to identify the best web design that Canberra has to offer, then utilise that company with a large focus on the most vital aspect of their website – their online store. The online store should be the most important aspect of a website build for any company. In order to enhance the chances of consumers clicking through the website and purchasing from you, there are several vital things your online store must include:

1. Icons

Social media use is rapidly expanding on a global scale. With so many consumers currently online and connected through social channels, it is vital that it is easy for them to follow the business. Using snappy and engaging posts that contain a direct link between social media channels and the target audience, to the online store, is the best method to drive consumers directly to the end goal – making a purchase in the online store.

2. Terms and conditions

Even though the digital world moves so fast, people still want to know their rights, and they want to see them documented in written form. Things like return policies, conditions of purchase or service rules should all be linked and easy to find a link to on the online store. Formal documentation increases consumer trust and loyalty.

3. Rates and shipping

No-one likes to think that they are making a quick ‘bargain’ purchase, filling in all the mandatory details for the sale, then realise after completing all the steps that there are additional charges. Shipping rates, taxes and any additional charges should all be included in the initial purchase screen, so your customer knows exactly what they are expected to pay. This will further increase brand loyalty and promote the business in a transparent and favourable light.

Canberra Web are renowned for their web and eCommerce platform builds, which have been helping businesses located in Canberra increase their online sales. Expert and savvy, Canberra Web use Joomla and WordPress designs to increase consumer experience and encourage positive and loyal reflections of the brand or business.

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