Why a professional graphic is important for your web page

27665202098 c01381f8ebLook at a business and what's the first thing you see?

A logo. The logos of the best brands are memorable and explain at a glance what the business is. Wouldn't you like your new web page to have that kind of instant connection with your customers?

There's a lot to consider with graphic design for a webpage you've probably never thought about but our professional graphic designers can walk you through creating branding for your new website. So when you're looking for the kind of web design Canberra needs, you'll want someone who can help with graphic design.

Consider the following webpages and their branding, and think about how a professional graphical designer could help you achieve the same iconic, instantly understood and recognisable branding.

What about something as simple as the shape of a logo, like an apple. A circle with a bite out of it and a leaf on top. Instantly recognisable branding from the shape alone, no text required, no matter the colour.

What about colour?

Everyone knows Facebook is blue. From the logo to the thumbs up on the "Like" button, in social media blue means Facebook. An entire colour, all to itself in a business space. That's the power of good graphic design.

A simple line can sell an entire brand. Consider the arrow that goes from A to Z in the Amazon.com logo. What does that tell you at a glance? That they have everything from A to Z. A store that sells everything.

A good graphic will speak, almost literally, with the right typography. But typography is literally what your business is saying, it is how your business speaks its own name.

Trying to fit all of that one logo can get cramped. There is so much our professional graphic designer can do for your web design. They know what to leave in, and what to take away, and how to let it breathe.

Canberra Web are the digital marketers Canberra trusts, from our experience web hosting Canberra locals to search engine optimisation, we are the web design Canberra needs to make the most of your web presence.

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