What does the 'e' stand for in e-commerce?

10873901266 86266d2b6fObviously, the official answer is 'electronic'! But our web design team, based here in Canberra, reckon there are other possibilities. Here are five of them...

E for Easy

This is how customers should feel. Working their way from an initial interest to a buying action should be swift and clear; an effective e-commerce website will make the journey as painless and simple as it can be. This can range from clear explanations of the products offered through to simple descriptions of any delivery options or, occasionally, restrictions.

E for Enthusiastic

You've probably visited some real-life stores where the staff don't seem particularly interested in serving you, have little knowledge of the products on sale, and are reluctant to make the effort to convince, or even sell to, you. Some websites can also seem to suffer from the same lack of enthusiasm.

E for Engaging

When considering buying a product, whether in a physical store or online, you often have questions to be answered, worries to be dealt with, confidence in your purchase decision to be welcomed. Physically, you can ask; so when visiting an e-store, the same facility should be provided. The simple addition of an effectively managed chatbox can be the difference between a sale made or potential long-time customer lost.

E for Extras

When completing a sale in your e-store, do you offer other products that the customer might be interested in or extras that pair with the purchase being made? For example, a customer buying a lamp, even with a bulb included, might well also purchase a pack of spares to save any future hassle. This back-end or add-on sales effort can result in a healthy increase in overall takings.

E for Endgame

When the purchase is completed, e-stores don't always make the effort to show that the custom has really been valued. Consider the following: adding a genuine thank you message, with contact points for any further questions; perhaps a discount voucher code for future use; even a link where the customer might pass on the details of the product purchased to a friend they know might be interested. All of these can add value to that initial single purchase.

As WordPress and Joomla design Canberra experts, our team would welcome the chance to discuss the above, and any other elements of the creation of a truly effective e-commerce site for your business. You'll reach us here (https://www.canberraweb.com.au/index.php/contact-us).

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