Would you decide to build your own main street store?

23124577655 9a348f9181Well, probably there are some folks who would! But, even then it wouldn't be something they would accomplish on their own. Plans would have to be designed, submitted and approved before one physical piece of work was started. Experts in all construction and fitting disciplines would be brought in. And so on...

Can we be honest?

Having made the above point, our web design team here in Canberra do sometimes feel frustrated when people tell us they can build their own eCommerce website and presence. Yes, there are 'free' website builders out there that can help create a range of basic pages. But, is that enough?

Back to bricks and mortar

Such a store in a town or city street would be designed with much more care than that. A wide range of considerations would be brought together. These would include how visitors would most easily (and profitably) find their way around the business. Before that, considerable thought would have been given about the type of customers to be attracted, and how best to achieve this, both through shop window design and in-store ambience. Care would be taken in accessing how best to present the products to gain maximum impact. Probably, a customer service department would be available to deal with questions, problems, handle returns and the like. By the way, can you believe some stores actually used to call these a Complaints Desk - that's surely just asking for trouble!

If there, surely here

All the principles and points just covered are surely equally true of an online store. In fact, they are probably of greater importance, considering there are no human staff members standing there to help direct 'lost' customers or answer any questions (although a chatbox on a website can certainly help).

This is why we believe it is essential to ask experts to craft a web presence every bit as substantial in design and achievement as you'd want a bricks and mortar store to be.

The same principles of effective navigation and winning presentation are vital; otherwise web searchers could simply walk past your 'shop window' as they might on the street if they didn't find the presentation or layout attractive, welcoming or helpful.

To make sure of a powerful and effective website for your eCommerce business, contact our Canberra Web design team for an obligation-free discussion now.

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