4 reasons why DIY websites are hurting SMEs

36724564956 12edf62ec7Of course you can make your own website. With access to a wide range of different website building tools it is as easy as 123, and then you will have a website. What isn't included in these websites, however, are the instructions for building a website that gets your business beyond just having a landing page. Hiring a professional web design Canberra-based team will be far better for your business and will give you the resource that you actually need. Here we explore how the DIY website is hurting SMEs.

1. First impressions count

Your webpage is your most important advertising tool and it is the first thing a customer will see when they look for you. DIY websites may get the message across, but they do not make a good first impression. Properly designed websites will always make a better impression.

2. Time is money

One of the biggest reasons people cite for not using a professional web designer is cost, but this is a false economy. If you consider that every minute you spend learning to do a bad job at web design is time you aren't spending making money, then it is clear to see the benefit of using a professional. An average SME will spend 60-80 hours making a website that should take 10. How much money could you make in that lost time?

3. Just another sheep

Excellent web design is all about standing out from the crowd, but with DIY web design you will never be distinctive. These websites all blend together and even those without any knowledge of web design can recognise the theme that everyone is using. A professional web design Canberra service can instead allow you to be a black sheep and stand out rather than blend in.

4. Search engine optimisation

The final element that you get from using a team of professional web designers is that of search engine optimisation. With SEO you can improve the ranking of your website whereas the ability to do so on DIY sites is limited. Optimising your website for proper digital marketing Canberra-specific results will make all the difference for your business.

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