5 reasons why WordPress will continue to dominate in 2020

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WordPress already powers about one third of the world's websites and for most online start-ups and small businesses, it's the smartest and most convenient website platform. Here are five reasons why WordPress is highly likely to continue dominating the market in 2020.

1. WordPress's amazing eCommerce platform will keep developing

As it stands, WordPress is a popular option for eCommerce businesses because it's powerful, easy to use and flexible. For 2020, WordPress has developed new eCommerce-dedicated themes, offering more market-driven design and a greater range of facilities, including easier personalised shopping and enhanced mobile shopping.

2. WordPress is ahead of design trends

Adventurous fonts and web designs are predicted for this year. Think bold colour schemes, fractured headings and hand-drawn graphics. Unlike less savvy website platforms, WordPress is already onto them. A quick flick through their current themes makes that clear, and new themes are continually being added.

3. WordPress understands that video is crucial

Ask any expert in digital marketing in Canberra or beyond about how to promote an online business, and one of the first words to cross their lips will be video. In 2020, its influence will keep growing. WordPress is a step head, with the development of video headers, which are now a feature of several themes.

4. WordPress gets the importance of virtual reality

More and more internet users want to experience virtual reality, even when conducting every day activities like shopping. WordPress has this covered in 2020, as it can support virtual reality, as well as 360-degree photos and videos.

5. WordPress, combined with professional web design, will reign supreme

As WordPress becomes more sophisticated, so does web design in Canberra and around the world. It's true that you can build your own site, but so can thousands of other businesses. To ensure your website stands out in 2020 and to minimise tech-related hassles, employ the skills of a professional web designer and web developer.

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