Factors to consider when creating an SEO-friendly website

30290365364 a193955450While having a website that delivers the best user experience is integral to online consumers, without effective search engine optimisation (SEO) features built into the design of your site won't perform optimally in online searches. For Google and other search engines to index your website when consumers are looking for the specific products or services your company supplies, it's crucial that it's built with an SEO-friendly design. To help ensure you achieve a user-friendly design for your company website, here are some important factors you need to consider:

Relevant domain name

The domain name you select for your website should relate to what you do for it to be SEO friendly. For example, if you are a builder in Cairns then a relevant domain would be www.cairnsbuilder.com.au. Also, having too many keywords in your domain generally won't help you rank higher in online searches.


Having the right hosting is essential for an SEO-friendly website. Hosting is directly related to your website's loading speed, which is important for a site to be indexed higher in online searches. The reason for this is because of user experience. Often websites that take a long time to load have a faster bounce rate, which is consumers leaving the site.


Your content management system (CMS) plays a major role in whether your website has an SEO-friendly design. Depending on the type of website you require there are different types of CMS that are more suitable. For example, WordPress is a great choice of CMS for blog sites, whereas for online shops Joomla, Magento, Open Cart and Mojo Shop are some leading alternatives.


Navigation is another important element for SEO in your website design. With a well-structured website, your navigation will work efficiently with all of the components, from the URLs to the XML sitemaps, to help search engines and consumers identify the meaning of each page.

These are some of the many factors to consider for an SEO-friendly website. For Canberra web design and web hosting contact Canberra Web today.

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