Do you lose your way in websites?

17111916309 b0a3baf1e9Being involved in a business, it's very easy to look at your website differently than if you were a customer. So, let's not think about your own company, but instead go on a journey that you might frequently take when, as a potential customer, you are undertaking a web search for a product or service you require.

How often does this happen to you?

You input the key terms that you think are relevant to that search. Up comes the possibilities for you to visit. When you make a selection, you are hoping to quickly find yourself aligned with exactly what you require, be it a product for your home or a service for your business. Yet, your optimism is quickly dimmed when you arrive at a fairly bland homepage. Yes, you are politely welcomed to the company, but there is no quick reference to the terms of your search. You might try to find your way to what you are looking for - but why should it be you who makes that effort? Often, you are likely to become frustrated; the easiest course of action is then to return to your search and try elsewhere. The business whose website you visited has lost a potential customer - and without even being aware of your existence!

Providing an instant connection to a searcher's needs

To avoid this happening to your business, an effective answer is to use specifically crafted landing pages; ones utterly relevant to the search criteria. When clicking through after that search, your potential customer immediately finds information relevant to their needs. The previously described situation could be said to be like fishing without baiting your hook! Here, the customer is quickly reeled in.

Therefore, these pages can substantially increase your conversion rates and build a loyal customer base. A single link establishes genuine contact and encourages them to take the action you want. They are less likely to be distracted by being told what they don't want or need to know; this is often a real danger when arriving at a non-specific homepage.

When undertaking web design at Canberra Web, we can work with you to craft specifically targeted landing pages, making sure that your hook is baited with the best lures to catch those vital customer connections. To find out more, please call us now on 02 6223 2222.

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