Taking searchers to where 'X' marks the spot

8514057083 8d8fcb02beLike in the old adventure movies you may well have enjoyed as a kid, imagine you had just bought or found a map showing you an island where hidden treasure had been buried. You are excited and enthusiastic, yet on opening the map, you are disappointed or frustrated to find only an illustration of a large island itself, perhaps with a few dominant features and points of interest.

Sadly, the one thing that is missing, crucial to any search you wanted to mount, is the fabled 'X' to mark the spot where the actual treasure is buried! You'd probably throw the document away in disgust; you'd be unlikely to take the time or make the effort to head to that location simply on the off-chance that you might get really lucky!

What has this to do with your ecommerce website?

A Wordpress or Joomla designed website for your Canberra business, whether you have a Magento, Woo or another ecommerce platform, is, in a way, like that treasure map for those who arrive through an online search. All too often potential customers who visit such a site and are looking for a specific product or service will be greeted by nothing more than a fairly bland map of some random key elements of that business on a generic homepage. Some simply then leave in frustration - depriving that business of a customer they didn't even know they had managed to lose!

Clearly marking the location of your treasures

The answer, like the 'X' on the map, is to provide a clear location for the searcher's visit. Using individual landing pages, each designed to respond to specific search terms, be they product, service, or even location-based, gives the visitor the best chance to easily unearth the treasure that they personally are looking for. Again, like a map, you can provide simple instructions - or steps to follow - so that they can quickly complete the acquisition that their search quest has been designed to gain.

If you'd like to discuss how best to improve your navigation, content and design to make sure that your ecommerce website always hits the spot, please contact our team of graphic design and digital marketing specialists Canberra Web.

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