5 reasons why you should get a pro to optimise your website for mobile

Chances are, the first time a new browser visits your website, it'll be via a smartphone or tablet. If your site isn't optimised for mobile devices, then you're likely to lose them quickly. The easiest way to avoid this is by employing a professional. Here are five reasons why.

Improve the user's experience

When you're running a business, your priority should be your customer. Never forget that your website represents an opportunity to win over visitors and convert them into loyal clients. If someone jumps on, only to find that your site is difficult to read, frustrating to browse and unresponsive, then what impressions are you conveying? By optimising your website for mobile use, you ensure that the user's experience is smooth, enjoyable and convenient, in any context.

Go faster

If a website isn't optimised for mobile use, then it can be annoyingly slow. In these time-poor days, no one wants to wait around for pages to load and links to work. If you get a professional to take care of mobile optimisation, then you won't have to worry. The site will load as quickly and easily on smartphones and tablets as it will on desktop computers.

Boost SEO for mobile searches

Search engine optimisation works differently for mobile searches as it does for those conducted on desktop computers. For example, Google, one of the world's most popular search engines, recommends that sites should be responsive for mobile or, if that's not possible, built in HTML. Talk to an expert on web design in Canberra to work out which path is best for your business.

Best the competition

In these competitive days, no business owner can rest. If your site doesn't perform on mobile devices, then it's likely to drop behind those that do. This is a risk you shouldn't take if you're serious about success.

Mobile optimisation is complicated

Some DIY website providers offer DIY mobile optimisation as an option. However, really effective optimisation isn't straight-forward. It calls for an expert, who can address every issue, from responsive design to speed, in terms of both pages and hosting. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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