Removing bad reviews on google

Trying to remove a bad review of Google?

Unfortunately, not every review is true and some are defamatory! After speaking to Google, they suggested the best thing to do is to reply to reviews and, as they are community based, they don't really matter!

We found this information disturbing and somewhat insulting as we value real feedback so we can continually improve our services and processes. We love to see our success stories broadcasted, as most clients are too busy running their own business to stop and write something nice about yours!

We have received a 1 star review from Gino Martiniello, a business partner of our competitor Chris Powell from Evolver aka Digimonstr. Gino was kind enough to review Chris’s business at the same time of slandering ours.

Gino Martiniello has never been a client of Canberra Web and we have never met, but we have met Chris Powell who came in to offer his experience with Google Maps. We shared Chris Powell's information with a client who paid Chris Powell $350 and received nothing for his money, Chris Powell simply didn't answer his calls, do any work or respond to his emails. We compensated the client for his loss and learnt a valuable lesson!

With little to no online searching experience, an amateur will quickly connect Gino Martiniello and Chris together. They share the same address and amusingly used our printing partner Fast Digital to print their business cards for Digimonstr, another enterprise they are affiliated with.

So our answer to removing bad reviews on Google is to name and shame the individuals because your clients are intelligent; they will investigate you and your competitors comprehensively to make an informed decision on who to spend their hard earned money with.

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