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Transform your website or blog into a powerful online store and reach more customers

WooCommerce is the most customisable e-commerce platform for WordPress websites and blogs. When designed properly, it becomes a powerful tool for you to reach and sell to more customers. If you are thinking of starting an online store or considering improving your existing e-commerce platform, talk to us. CanberraWeb is Canberra’s leading WooCommerce developer. We have helped a wide range of businesses in Canberra and the ACT build their online stores and will be able to help your business set-up your online store to grow your business. Here are three ways that WooCommerce can turn your website or blog into an effective selling tool:

  1.  As an online store to sell products/services
  2. As a dynamic marketplace offering products/services of other vendors
  3. As a powerful booking/renting system.

Our WooCommerce services

We are the experts in WooCommerce development and site support.

WooCommerce development

We take care of all the technical, security and legal aspects of your online store. We also have a design team to look after aesthetics. Your online store must be easy for you to manage, appealing for visitors, and memorable for shoppers. Check out some of the online stores we have built here (LINK).

WooCommerce audit

If you have an existing online store that needs refreshing, we provide a full review and recommendations for improvement. Register here to book an audit (LINK).

WooCommerce maintenance and support

We offer full support for ongoing maintenance including plugins, upgrades and additions, automated backups, uptime scans and so forth. View our plan click here (LINK).

Analytics & Digital Marketing

We design dashboards that you can access to get information on product/service performance, customer buying behaviour, and trends. We also help you design effective marketing campaigns to target and build customer relationships.

Search engine optimisation

Getting ranked high on Google requires a series of steps including plugins and content that we will take care of.

Your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce store, marketplace or booking/renting system designed by CanberraWeb incorporates the following:

  • Customisation and branding
  • Receptive to all devices
  • Store management – track orders, payments, and deliveries, create coupons/promo codes
  • Payment processing and gateways
  • Up-selling/cross-selling and related product features
  • Dashboards – product/service performance, analytics, e-marketing
  • Advanced search filters
  • Superior customer service support – purchase history, feedback, FAQ
  • Social media integration
  • Additional – Multilingual translations.

View online stores we have designed here.

Marketplace also has:

  • Vendors customisation
  • Automated vendors registration
  • Vendors product management – add/amend/remove products/services
  • Automated commissions payment.

Check out the dynamic online marketplaces we have created here (LINK).

Renting/booking system also has:

  • Google calendar synchronisation
  • Automated email replies and notifications
  • Payment features that include deposits / full payments
  • Price, resource and category configurations
  • Pickup/return locations.

See what we can do with a renting/booking system here

Designing and building your WooCommerce store requires careful thought and planning. You want to get it right the first time so you can start selling immediately to customers. Contact CanberraWeb today for the best advice for your online store.


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