YouTube marketing

Leverage the power of YouTube to market your business online

youtubeDid you know that YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds in the United States than prime time television? Cisco also revealed that 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 will be video. Based on these statistics alone, video is an integral channel for communication with online consumers, both now and in the future. Currently ranking as the second most used search engine, YouTube has over a billion users, which is close to a third of all internet users. When you consider this in terms of global marketing reach, your opportunities are endless!

Importance of video marketing

Why is video such an effective form of marketing? Because it packages information in a format that consumers can digest easily. Video conveys information much faster than words and images alone, so you can attract and hold your audience's attention long enough to sell them the features and benefits of your products and services.

Video marketing increases revenue

An Adelie Studios 2016 study found that businesses using video as part of their marketing strategy grew company revenue 49% faster per year than organisations without video. So incorporating video in your online business marketing is essential to increase revenue, as well as build brand awareness and generate sales leads.

How to define your video marketing goals and strategy

Before you decide to integrate video in your digital marketing campaign you initially need to define your goals - what you want to achieve from your video marketing investment. There are many different goals you can set, such as increase sales conversions, grow your subscribers for future email marketing campaigns or funnel traffic to your company website; it's up to you what goals you determine to be relevant to your business marketing vision. The next step in the process is developing a video marketing strategy and campaign based on the goals you've set.

To capture the attention of your target market, your video campaign needs to be entertaining and interesting, or you will lose your audience very quickly. By investing in the services of a video marketing company, you can have video content created that will engage your audience, so that you can reach your digital marketing goals. Video marketing specialists can also set up your campaign and target the audience demographics you are wanting to reach, as well as assess analytics to tailor your campaign for a higher rate of success.

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