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5 things an online store needs

For many online retailers, ecommerce and online stores are the core of revenue and profit. People can spend countless hours and funds creating an amazing and visually appealing website but often neglect to focus on the most essential part of their online presence - their online store.

To ensure effectiveness, online stores should be built by a professional and external website developer. Investing in a professional service will ensure nothing gets missed. The best platforms to build online stores are Magento, Open Cart, Mojo Shop and Woo Commerce and these are the benefits they offer:

  1. Mobile functionality

    The world is turning digital. The age of laptops being a necessity to conduct business is dying; many people purchase goods and services while in transit – from their phone. If an online store is not mobile compatible, a large percentage of potential customers will be lost.

  2. Visual clarity

    People are busy, they don’t want to spend countless time scrolling through pages to find the goods or service that they require. A clearly defined list with images or a grid is the best way to have a consumer clicking through faster and securing a sale.

  3. Branding

    A company logo and colour scheme should be the most prominent thing on an online store. The store should seem like an extension of the consumer-facing website. Having clear branding ensures consumer trust and confidence when processing payments.

  4. Deal plugins

    What drives customers to purchase? Bargains! An online store should always have the option to run promotions, offer free shipping or even freebies. The latest deals should be advertised in a prominent position on the homepage of the online store in order to grab consumer attention and create a sense of urgency to purchase.

  5. A cart, login and search bar

    These three things may seem like simple additions to an online store; however, they are often missed. A login portal will allow a consumer to save payment details, their address and to track orders faster. A search bar eases the shopping process for the consumer and a cart allows people to clearly identify what they are purchasing – and spending – which may encourage them to purchase more.

Online stores are vital to business success and should always be built by professionals. If you're looking for web design Canberra, get in touch with us at Canberra Web. We will ensure the design and functionality of your online shop perfectly match your brand and target your customer.

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