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The top 4 basics of web design for today

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We don't need to convince you that you need a website. But here at Canberra Web, we can't stress enough how important the actual nuts and bolts of your website are.

To make it clearer, think about a really great website. It looks and works great, it's easy to use, everything you go to do works quickly and - best of all from a seller's point of view - the process of buying is attractive and fun.

Now think of a terrible website - which is harder, because you may have clicked away before you even took in the woeful details.

We've been doing web design Canberra clients and clickers love for years, so it's with that experience that we want to pass on the top four basics of a website build that works!

  1. Click into today

    You may have some ideas about web design, and that's great. Now forget all of it. If you know a lot about web design, then you already know how quickly this world changes. What worked in the past is now too expensive, it takes too long to do, and it won't deliver what you need for 2017 and beyond.

  2. A design for growth

    You want your new site to do lots of things, but a really big one that is too often forgotten is growth. As we suggested, web design, the internet and the habits of consumers are changing rapidly, and you don't want to be changing the fundamentals of your website constantly. Instead, you need one designed to evolve.

  3. Have a vision

    Too many people start building a website with too little in mind. Perhaps they want it to 'look good', or 'sell lots', but your targets, goals and ambitions actually have to be more specific. Have targets that can be achieved in actual numbers or other measurable stats, and then a clear path to making tweaks along the way so that it can be meaningfully improved.

  4. Build a buyer

    Website design will come together a lot easier if you have a clear idea of what your typical buyer looks like. Of course, you need to cast a wide net, but it's a fact that you really need to be giving your target audience exactly what they want, need and expect. And this design should be based on research and data, not just a hunch.

Believe us when we say that the list above could go on and on and on. To find out how we can help you get your web design basics spot on, get in touch today.

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